TGA Texture for PSK/PSA files

Hi everyone,

I recently extracted some PSK/PSA files from an old Unreal Engine 2 game and I want to add them in Unity3d.
I can do everything except setting the correct texture on the body…

Here are the 3 files and a picture of how it should look:

I imported the file, attached the texture, worked.

What exactly are you having trouble with?

Blender internal worked fine too.

Also I had to flip all normals.

Hi ageha,

thanks fpr the answer!
I’m pretty new to blender and I can’t even get to the settings your on on your screenshot.
What did you use to import the psk/pssa file? I used this plugin:

Thanks in advance!

I used the psk import add-on that comes with blender.

I could solve it with 3DS Max. Thangs anyway :slight_smile: