TGTU-01: Entropy prayers.

Traveler’s guide to Uchronia.
Personal project. (16/06/16)

Issue n| 01: Entropy prayers.

All 3D related aspects were made in Blender. (2.77a)
Multipass compositing in Nuke. (9.0v8)
Final touches in Photoshop. (CC 2014)

Here and there:



Scene Setup:




Compositing tree (Nuke)

man this is just like a syfy movie,s scene,s i like it so much, i couldn’t do a lot of a layer,s just to give one result,s great work i like it

Looks really dope man. what is the multipass image you have? What is multipass for?

Thanks keseyrage!
A multipass workflow is when instead of working with the final “Combined” result that the render engine gives you, you edit and combine the different components of the image yourself. This components are the separate values of the different types of passes, such as the Diffuse pass, the Glossy pass, the Transmition pass, the Emission, etc. This is meant to have more control on the image at a compositing level.

Thank you alf0!

i dont know anything about this multipass , but will it make the render time shorter

Technically no, actually the render takes longer once you ask for certain passes, usually just by a small percentage of time, but it’s relative (to the scene complexity and what passes you are extracting).
But, even though it’s technically slower, this method is use to reduce render times on some scenarios, as you can use less samples on the main render, and then use the multipass compositing to make a noise reduction only on the more noisy passes (usually indirect glossys/transmitions).

man this is just huge for me :slight_smile:

I used it for transparent backgrounds

In regards to Multipass compositing? Yeah for sure, although that would be multi-layer or simply just good ol’ compositing, no need to separate passes, but layers. For example this image was multipass yet it’s only one layer for all the 3D elements.