Tha Laboratory... and some other finished projects


I’ve been watching this forum for quite a long time so now it’s time to post some work of my own :wink: These are my finished (more or less) projects that i’ve made over last 2 years with blender and other free software.

“The laboratory” - or mice testing :wink: the idea for this one originated after i created a desk lamp and wanted to do something with it… eventually the lamp didnt fit the feel of the scene and it went it’s own path :slight_smile:
textures in Gimp+Inkscape, rendered with yafray [modelled mostly in 3ds Max 6]

“Wiesmann GT” - I just had to make it once i saw the Wiesmann in Top Gear… it’s not a finished model but enough to render :slight_smile: modelled in blender and again rendered with yafray

“Blender Mug” - was following a lighting tutorial how to setup a nice studio lighting and needed something to test it with and here u go :stuck_out_tongue: (again blender+yafray)

Now it’s time to finish my projects that make use of Blender Internal as it’s getting stronger every release.

Hope u enjoy these works as much as i did :slight_smile:
U can see some more of my works and photos at my Picasa profile at
at least it’s my temporary webplace for the time i need to build my portfolio site :slight_smile:

Critics and suggestions are more than welcome
cheers :slight_smile:

Wow the everything is good. Could you tell me where your tutorial is for lighting?

very nice work! the laboratory looks really great, nice lighting! solid modeling on the car, im loving the asphalt texture and the blurry reflections. again, nice lighting.

thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

That’s the one:
but it’s not mine :wink: … maybe i used the wrong word … i was following the tutorial :stuck_out_tongue:

excellent work!
I especially like the laboratory and the car :smiley:
5 stars :spin:

Super Work! I love the idea (and the execution of course) of the mug.
Looks great! I can’t see any flaw in any of the picturs!

Yes, this is really good stuff although it is interesting to see that you chose Yafray as your render engine for the Laboratory…3dsm users usually don’t do that, huh?! :wink:

But it is cool and I definitely want to see more stuff in the future. Your lighing is great, the textures wonderful and the modeling flawless - sounds like a good job to me!

@Myke, Red Yoshi, Jeepster: Thanks, i’m very happy U like my works, hope to make some more soon :wink:

Yeah, they don’t, but as my trial version expired i switched to blender (which was really hard at times :P) and wanted to finish the project :slight_smile:
ofcourse yafray cant stand up to renderers like Mental Ray or V-Ray, but it’s good enough… and in future (yafaray) should be even better :slight_smile:

Thank u very much :slight_smile: as i said i want to finish some pieces from my “i dont want to do this any more, i want some new stuff” directory :] (i leave projects way too often…)
If u like, u can see some WIP shots here


wow, nice work. Keep it up yo.

There’s something I’m not quite sure about with the grass and rocks on the inside of the Blender mug… doesn’t look quite… natural enough? :confused: Never mind that, though - I should have started off commenting on what fantastic renders these are! IMO, this thread is gallery material. Any critique I can give would be on very minor, minor issues.

I see and have to agree - Yafray is good enough to make excellent renders with it and I too look forward to see where Lynx and his work (well, as well as the others who work on it) on Yafaray will lead it…
Thanks for the link to the WIP shots, by the way.

Amazing render.

I have seen the tutoria that you have linked, bat is for Vray, how lamp do you have
Do you have a tutorial for Yafray?

wow really nice renders! how long have u been modeling?

Thx for the comments :slight_smile:

Well, I dont have one for Yafray but u can build a blender/yafray scene quite easily following the main ideas of that tutorial. Lots of non-blender tuts can be useful for blender/yafray users, but u have to have some knowledge what is the blender/yafray alternative to tools used at other apps.
The light setup is basically the same as shown in the tut, 2 area lights on the sides of the “studio tube”, one with warm/orange illumination and the other bluish. Probably the most important to get a nice studio/interior render with yafray is setting gamma to about 2.2 (and exposure… i usually start with 4 and then lower or higher based on the results) so u get less contrast and more light in dark areas.
If u need any help in “translating” the tut to yafrayish PM me and ill try to reply. Here’s a screen of the setup:

hmmm, for about 3 years maybe, but i cant say im a pro as it’s mostly my hobby. I would like to get some works as a freelancer in future but for now its just “fooling” around, getting experience.

Thank you very much, now, I have start to study Yafray for internal rendering and I’m inspired from you Laboratory scene.

Awesome stuff! I absolutely love the first picture! Really well done.

Keep up you great work!

Very very sweet

i love your works!!! keep it up!

I love the material on the mug. It looks like real ceramic glaze. Awesome job!

Good Work! Your images are fantastic!