Thanator from the Movie Avatar

Hey guys I’ve been working on this project for about 3 days now with about 10 hours of solid modeling. I also might add that this mesh has not been sculpted just solid hardcore modeling. For those of you who don’t know the Thanator is this jaguar-like creature from the movie Avatar. I’m currently modeling the inside of the guy’s mouth. Enjoy!
P.S. I will also post the blend file if any one needs it for studying.:smiley:


Sounds great! Keep it up!

do you have elevation drawings for reference? Looking good so far, maybe you can stick in a Pandora Smurf at the end too.

Hey guys I finally got the inside of the top mouth done! Enjoy!


Here is another update guys! I’m starting to work on the bottom jaw. Enjoy!:smiley:


looks really nice! wireframe please!

great start dude, you have to finish this model for sure!
just the teeth inside the mouth look kinda weird to me from the front view. I wonder if they would be that straight and clean…

I know that. I think that’s how they look in the movie too. Thanks for the comments guys!:smiley: Okay here’s the last update of the day.


Okay I fixed the teeth so they are kind of tilted inward. I’ve completed the inside of the mouth and the bottom jaw. I still have a small bit to do before I can go on to the rest of the body though.

Don’t forget to download from youtube in HD this movie (there is also a 1080p version but I think with more artifacts)

Some curiosities:

Look at the head and neck of Jake Sully in the above image: you can see instead neck there appears vegetation from the tree that the Thanator is going through.
Another curiosity, looking at this video frame by frame you can see how the lighting is wrong (the inside of the Thanator with light in other frame in this video for example). Also the look of it is not a “maxwell” render but a videogame lighting look. I don’t like also how the bambus just explode when the thanator hits them. And I don’t like also how this predator just don’t cares about his own integrity, he goes hitting things like he just doesn’t feel pain. Much things to correct in our fan projects. Much space to create better art than they did in Weta, because they were in a hurry to finish and we can dedicate all the time and love for this movie that we have.

You make the best Thanator you can and I will do the most amazing Neytiri ever.
Then some plants and some "Neytiri riding Thanator"short. But that is in the future. Before much modeling is ahead yet and texturing. I work so I have only weekends and one hour or so every day so my progress probably will be much slower than yours. I am thinking about four months from now to finish mine.

Cool. Well due to lack of references there are on this creature I’ve decided to give it my personal touch. One of the main features of the Thanator I forgot to make riggable was the lip that averts. The reverence I have has the lip in that position. I’m trying to make this as close as I can to a Thanator. I’m just giving you a warning ahead of time that there might be some distinctions between my Thanator and the Thanator in the movie.

I hope you already has this one:

At this point in the WIP it reminds me of the parasites from Cloverfield.

Good work, keep it up.

great work imho. I’ve also seen Bao2’s Neytiri, so, i’ll keep an eye here to see what’s going on! :wink:

Please continue!
I love it!

Oh btw i got you “some” references :smiley:

Wow thanks dude! I wish I would have seen these references earlier. I will definitely use that side view shot of the body for my body reference. Here is an update! The head has been completed!:smiley:


Here’s a render!:smiley:

looking bloody awesome, keep going!