Thank God, more ram!

Well my graphics card is sub-par, my cpu is mediocre, but atleast i got rid of my horrid 256 Meg of Ram!

768 now, not a full gig+, but its a ton of help lol

Yeah, I remember when I upgraded from 256MB to 1GB. It was so nice being able to listen to music and blend at the same time. :smiley:

I can do that even though I “only” have 512megs. It’s also a question of how your operating system deals with the RAM. I usually have tons left according to diagnostics programs, but Win Me still packs the swap up to the brim. This slows things down, but not my music! I always run WinAmp turned up to “Realtime”! :slight_smile: If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s music that starts skipping and stuttering. Ugh.

yea, more RAM the better. I am thinking of getting another gig because the prices are dropping pretty quickly. I will then have two gigs. :stuck_out_tongue:

well i always listen to music.

Winamp is always a MUST.

And overall my comp handled it fairly well, considering that is. I can still remember the difference when i went from Win98 to XP, how XP handles memory management compared to 98 is just amazing lol. Though im sure 2000 or Me had steps inbetween (or xp just ripped them), i wouldent know, i never ran em :o.

Ya, so I have a new computer on the way, but for now, you wont beleive this, Im running a pentium 3 with 256 and it runs Blender, After Effects, Photoshop, and music at the same time. Of, course I’m the newest noob of all noobs at Blender so I havent done much to slow anything down. Im just so amazed that my computer can do so much. Im worried that I have a sweet, weird CPU and the upgrade will slow me down. ha ha. For Video editing at work I have a new Aleinware duel processor with 2gigs, and duel flat 19 inch screens, so Blender will have room to breath.


alllieeennwareee… *faints

This thing is so sweet, you have to open the whole front just to let enough air through; the fan is genormous.

It blows my face off. Now I need one of these to put it on.


Congrads young Hobbit! lol, Just work your way up to me, 2Gb DDR3

lol 756 SDR :stuck_out_tongue:

my computer is nothin special, but it fits my needs. And for being 3 years old not too shabby. But i aint buying a new one :p, that 512 ram came free hehe.

I run Win98 and have 320MB of ram and try to maintain 88-95% resources when blending. I can listen to music and handle a 5Meg blend file without anything getting my sister pregnant, but beyond that, it is hopeless. I only have an 8 yr old puter with a PII, but alas my fiance says she will give up her PIII with XP since I did buy it for her.

lol, that has to hurt :s

What you must realize about windows 98 is that programs must be loaded in the first 64MB of memory. So having 320MB of RAM will do you no good with win98.

Win2000 might be a better choice.