thank you - blender team

just would like to share…
have just started with blender (before worked with maya and 3ds max)…and have to say that you have made an ‘amazing’ think - Open, FREE!!!, 3d soft, willing to improve and improve, what for me counts most…great…
later would like to join your team and help if I can…
so many thanks to give me a possibility to use a ‘legal’ 3d soft for my education
great WORK :yes:

Welcome to Blender and to the forum. :slight_smile:

I agree, it is most wonderful =)!

Welcome to Blender and I hope it keeps meeting you expectations. Have fun :slight_smile:

I would like to endorse this thank-you thread with my small contribution. My background is with Autocad dating back to the DOS days. Also a quick try with 3D studio (DOS) and later a try with 3DS Max.
I discovered Blender some years ago, (it may have been release 1.8 or around then) and spent quite some time staring at a cube and trying to make something happen. I think I was led away a gibbering mess.
After seeing some quite bad remarks lately about Blender from someone on another forum (I won’t say which) I decided to have another look at this enigmatic program. I’ve had a go at demos of many of the commercial 3D programs around and have a good idea how to proceed. Blender still seemed strange though until I discovered the User Preferences and then the sun came out. With a little tweaking I found that Blender has the most configurable user interface I’ve seen on any program. I ordered the Blender Essentials book immediately and when it arrived I realized I had an excellent User manual with a license for one of the best 3D programs all for 39 euros. This combined with a huge user community online and frequent updates and plugins all for free is truly amazing. I’m now working on a highly detailed model of a Selmer Super Action Tenor Saxophone.
Thank you a thousand times to all the Blender development and support teams for giving us this opportunity


I just needed to write again…after almost 6 months of discovering Blender I can just say again MANY THANKS blender team :yes: wow…wow… and once again wow…great-great-great work you are doing.

[quote=miroslav_karpis;994497]I just needed to write again…
Many of us are indebted to the FOSS community and especially to the Blender team. Those feelings of gratitude are very important. They are what keeps Open Source software development alive and well. So keep your attitude and some day soon you will be able to return the favor in some way. Thanks for posting.

I’d like to say thank you to all the Blender Devs and also all the people who have contributed cool import/export and other scripts over the years. I’d also like to say thank you to all the people who have made so many wonderful tuts over the years who have helped us learn all the new features.

I’ve been using Blender for 3 years and I started out very shakily (very little previous 3D experience). But once I got the hang of the interface, I loved it and I’ve just been getting better and better until I think I prefer Blender to Photoshop (which for me is high praise indeed!!!)

I started out knowing next to nothing and now I feel confident to start on my own animated short. I’ve always wanted to get into 3D and Blender allowed me to do this.

Thank you very much all of you.

welcome to the community!

study, learn, kick my ass.


Thanks again to the blender team for all the hard coding.
I started last October and after recieving the Essential Blender and reading
it am going through it again. I have an ocean scene and a wine glass scene
on hold but I’ll get back to them soon enough.

I’d like to add my thanks to the list. I’ve been using Blender for quite a few months now. It being my only experience in 3D (except for a brief stint with gmax), I can’t compare it with other packages, but I love the interface, the professional quality features, and, of course, the price tag.

Many thanks to the devs and to Ton, without whom we would not have this program at all.

I was using the Windows to playing the game …but now I am turning to the Linux…because of some reasons…but the problem is how can I create the environment to play the game…I mean to say how can I GUI mode in Linux environement …is your team can help me…?

I like this kind of threads… every once in a while it appears one, and I’m glad that it happens. Some times we sound demanding, we point out some things we don’t like about Blender, we ask for some new feature, and it may not be noticed all those times that there is a feeling of deep gratitud always present.

So I want to join this appreciation list, and thank all Blender Devs for the job they’ve already done, and the job they are doing right now that looks impressive.

This is one of the best threads come up here for a while, cause it puts things back into perspective. We have this ultimately awesome professional grade 3d package that is getting better all the time. Those who work on it do it out a kind heart, generous spirit and willingness to help those who may otherwise not have the means to be able to get involved in this art form which was usually a domain for rich studios, rich professional freelancers, or pirates.

Yeah I want to say thank you to every little addition from the developers of the source code itself, to those who package it for us to install easily on our systems, to those who document things on the wiki and for those who make vital tutorials and other assets.

Lets face it, if it wasn’t for generosity of such ones, none of us would be here today. Great work guys. Thank you!

If these thank you energies would just be translated into dollars and cents I’m certain that Blender would surpass most highend apps in features and in no time. I still wonder to this day how Ton and Company manage to make a decent living developing Blender that is offered for free.

This community needs fund raisers. When thank you’s are all said and done, the next step is to do something tangible: DONATE or buy a book from e-shop. Send a dollar of five. Sell your old PC or something. Anything at all to make your thank you’s more effective.

I just mentioned the word DONATE and the thread became effectively dead. Thank you. Thank you. Halleluya. Praise be open source. Amen. :spin:

Turn off your pc for a while. Count to ten. Get a deep breathe.
It’s still december 1st, nothing is dead yet.

But I agree.

you are right…am waiting on my salary…and whoallla straight way to blender shop…:rolleyes:

Tyrell is right !
Now that i am not unemployed anymore, i’ll buy the Peach DVD.

I’ll be back when it is done…
EDIT: ok done.
Now i’ll have to wait several weeks or months for it to come ! ARRRRRRGH !!

Blender isn’t the only open source tool people are using. There are many other closely, or more loosely related to Blender. A big thanks also goes to devs of Yafaray and other renderers…