Thank you blenderartists,

I have had a dream of becoming a 3D graphics artist since I was a child. I was trying to learn 3D software but technology at that time wasn’t really affordable. By the time, I learned it and I can tell that this website is one of the most useful sites. People here answered a lot of my questions and it contains valuable information. I feel thankful.

I have Multiple Sclerosis disease (MS) and I shared my experience in a more interesting way using this 3D video. So, you not only helped me but also helped MS patients. I finished my project a few days ago and I would like to share it with you as well.


nice! :+1: keep going!
just a suggestion (well, I’m a total beginner but I’m just thinking) you can maybe try playing around with the lighting to make the video more 3D and realistic?
anyways, keep it up! your animation is really good!

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Hi, Thanks for your reply. I’m also a beginner/intermediate just like you. I’m not very advance ( just a hobbyist). I’ll follow your advice and try to play with the lighting to make it more 3D. Maybe I can get better results. But making things realistic requires Cycles I think, which will take a lot of rendering time. I don’t have this super powerful computer lol :smiley: At the same time, I like the style where characters have big eyes with modeled hair (not realistic strands of hair). So, I’m not really looking for realism. The most important thing to me is that there should not be mistakes in the video and I should be professional enough to create what I have in my mind. Thank you again for your reply. really appreciated.

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