Thank you, Kib_Tph...

for giving us orphans a place to meet and plan
for the future!


Yes thanks from another orphan. :frowning:

I am gutted right now and it is very comforting to find people posting their latest work, and talking (and arguing) about the future.

Blender must not die.

yeah, it’s about time someone posted something like this.

Kibbie, keep it up.

Kibbie kibbie he’s our man, if NaN cant do it he can.


Ooops, I thought Carsten did this, LOL. I’m sorry Kib_Tph, it is YOU I sould thank, and a big THANK YOU to you too!!!
Love Ingie

once again…a big horaay!! for Kib


This makes you look like Moses or something, leading the masses to a better place. You will save the community if NaN never make it back!

Kudos, dude!


Yes Kib! thanks for helping us (maybe this is community 3.0?)! Let’s keep Blender alive!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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What shall I say without repeating all the others? I don’t know, but anyway THANK YOU! :slight_smile:

yes, thank you for hosting our remaining of the Blender Community !!

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Add my thanks to the mix, as well.



your devotion to the community
is inspiring. thanks for the
work and time you devote to us.