Thank you, Kib_Tph...

([email protected]) #1

for giving us orphans a place to meet and plan
for the future!


(ZoltarX) #2

Yes thanks from another orphan. :frowning:

I am gutted right now and it is very comforting to find people posting their latest work, and talking (and arguing) about the future.

Blender must not die.

(Goofster) #3

yeah, it’s about time someone posted something like this.

Kibbie, keep it up.

Kibbie kibbie he’s our man, if NaN cant do it he can.


(IngieBee) #4

Ooops, I thought Carsten did this, LOL. I’m sorry Kib_Tph, it is YOU I sould thank, and a big THANK YOU to you too!!!
Love Ingie

(@ce) #5

once again…a big horaay!! for Kib

(Jamesk) #6


This makes you look like Moses or something, leading the masses to a better place. You will save the community if NaN never make it back!

Kudos, dude!


(Friday13) #7

Yes Kib! thanks for helping us (maybe this is community 3.0?)! Let’s keep Blender alive!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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(S_W) #8

What shall I say without repeating all the others? I don’t know, but anyway THANK YOU! :slight_smile:

(sten) #9

yes, thank you for hosting our remaining of the Blender Community !!

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(WayStar) #10

Add my thanks to the mix, as well.



(dickie) #11

your devotion to the community
is inspiring. thanks for the
work and time you devote to us.