Thanks automated (I guess) thingy...

Thanks for the email for my Birthday!
I feel a little old now… at 20! but I’m glad to be alive!


Now, for the biggest question!
Does anyone even remember me?
and did anyone, even slightly miss me?

And one are you going to get for me:evilgrin: (and Sarah, saw hers in another post)? :rolleyes:

Happy Birthday - I’ll shout yourself a drink later on tonight.

Hey dude! Happy Bithday! :smiley: 5 years elder than me :open_mouth:

here! A bithday cake!

ah cool! I don’t really like to drink at all, so get me a rum punch (bajan (barbadian) thing), on the rocks. no ice…

when that one hits home, you won’t stop laughing… I assure you!

Thanks Lasse!!!
I feel so old!:stuck_out_tongue:

No worries buddy - dancing on the table is obligatory - and being a blenderhead - it is taken for granted that you will be kicked out of the pub by a bouncer.