Thanks elysiun

Well some of you may remember me from around 2 years ago. I strayed onto the forums, decided to learn blender, and posted as much art here as I could. Then I decided I wanted to be a proffetional 3d artist, so I enrolled myself into 3d school, and dropped out of uni. Well, I just graduated, and decided I’d drop by and mention my good news. I’ve just picked up work at a local game company. So thank you elysiun, for putting me on this path.

Here’s my demo reel if anybodys interested. Its mainly 3ds max and wings 3d work.

Bink File 4meg
Xvid File 5meg

wow so there is hope for me :smiley: What company Lived?

Its a company in Melbourne called Bullant Studios. They do PS2 PSP GBA games. And all I got out of them was I’d be doing mostly character modelling, but would have to work on a bit of everything as well on a Hollywood movie game spinoff. So, I think it will be a great place to start in the industry.

And if I can do it anybody can, lol.

Hey Lived!

It’s good to hear from you again.
Nice body of work you have there.
Congradulations on landing that job.

Game based on a movie? Can you tell us which one?

Its game based, and they haven’t told me what movie yet, lol. I highly doubt I’ll be told much about it until I sign a non disclosure agreement when I start.

Nice to see you again and bestaluck mate.


hey man, i guess that means you recovered from your big computer crash. anyway, you are a good artist, so i’m sure you will do well. i hope you find this new job to your liking.

hehe, I had another one last month. Fortunately I learnt from the first mistake, and had all my stuff backed up at school, and on a removable drive, phew, lol.

I’ve only been here for about 1.5 years but I seem to remember you or maybe someone has a similar name. Anyway congratulations on the work situation, it’s always good to hear that people from Elysiun are getting into professional CG work. I hope it all goes well for you. Be sure to tell us of any games that are released that you’ve worked on and what part you played in the production.