Thanks for Blender!

Well, I’m not a very active modeller, but I do it every now and then for fun and for my game project. Usually I’m a programmer, but I also like to model, even though I’m not good at it. I have followed Blender for quite some time, ever since it went open source. Since then I was using it exclusively, because I try to use as much OS software as possible. And I really must say that Blender has come a long way since then. The last days, when I modelled an object for my game, I was really impressed on how easy the workflow has become even for such a bad modeler as me. :slight_smile: One of my teammates recommended to use some proprietary UV texture mapping tool, that can only do exactly this one task good (forgot the name though), but when I tried it, I found that Blender is much easier to work with.For the stuff that I mostly do, Blender is the perfect tool, and so far I never had the need to use one of the “big” ones like Maya or Lightwave, because Blender can do everything that I need for free. Just wanted to thank the community for this great piece of work. :slight_smile: