thanks for new minaret shader


i must say i realy like the new minaret diffuse shader.
togetehr with a toon specular i have a shader which
looks realy amazing.

and the wardiso produces the crisp specular i often need.
sofar i did it often with the toon trick.

just a big thankyou to the develloper!

yeah i love the new shaders too. i made some nice polished stone with the ward iso and the minaret in combination.

coughcough*Minaret? You mean this?

Does look a little like your pictures, but I think you’re referring to minnaert. :wink:

So this is just a tad OT but…

Do you ppl think there is a case for a pugin shader system? like texture plugins --only more like a renderman shader because light info and viewing angles are made avalible to the plugin.