Thanks to all and I have had a blast

Due to recent, and somewhat not so recent, circumstances and, as some of you have heard me say on IRC too many times, my lack of free time, I have decided to put Blender and BA on the back burner for a while.

I have also given notice to Goofster to remove me from the admin duties here at BA as well.

This does not mean that I will totally disappear, but I will definitely not be around as much.

All I have to say is a huge thanks to Blender, Ton and everyone, way back since the old NaN forum days, for supporting me, developing me and helping my progress with this great application that we all love.

Everyone, keep up the great work that you do with Blender and I will see you all.

[EDIT]And just another note, I will still be part of the judging team for the “Blending Life” challenge. So good luck to all that enter that!


You will be greatly missed, Derek. Best of luck to you and your family.

All the best, and here’s hoping free times come a lot sooner for you!

Oh dang… and here I was hoping I could steal another monster or two from you in the future :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude… you’ll be missed :wink:

From a comparative Blender newbie, thanks for your tour o’ duty!

Not sure what’s happened/happening, but I really hope it all gets sorted out.

I’d like to say thanks for all the help, direct and indirect, over the many years I’ve been around. It’s people like you that have made this all possible, so thanks :slight_smile:

Hope to see you around soon,

Will miss you, mate! Hope to see you back here and active soon. God bless

I will miss you, Derek. It was an honor sharing this forum with you.

Members of this forum have much to thank you for, and I must personally thank you for all the supportive feedback and encouragement with Blender over the years. It really made a positive difference.

You were and will always be one of the original and greatest Blender artists and inspirations here, and your excellent work will long be remembered (and continued, I hope at some not so distant point in the future).

Be well, be happy, and keep in touch when you can.


Aww men just when I came back. Anyway good luck with everything mate. C ya around.
PS: blender for life lol

Thanks for moderating & administering these boards all the time you have,
and hope more free time will shine on you sometime around once again. :slight_smile:


Thanks for everything mate :slight_smile:

I wish for you, everything that you wish for yourself.

Hope to see you around soon :slight_smile:

i happy trails.

Gee sounds like Bart’s post back in April. Suprisingly he stayed from then to now!
Love ya.

My best wishes to you - and I hope to see you back here again.


Stay sweet. See you next summer!

Good luck Derek. Come back soon.

All the best to you Derek and thanks for your presence in the Blender community.

:slight_smile: I think I “know you” mostly by your posts when a thread is closed hehe :smiley: …but although we never entered in any (good) discusion I wish you good luck and all the best!

It’s been real, BG, hope to see you around soon, man. May the .blend be with you.