Thanksgiving Day Game Rush

I’m planning to put out a game in the iPhone App Store for the Thanksgiving time called Sojourn. Though it is not directly related, it is a modern adaption to this 400 year old children’s game called a Knicker Box. When I think of Thanksgiving Day there is the dinner of course, but there is the Pilgrims and the Mayflower too. So I set the game out to sea going West on the Mayflower, day after day going to a new land and life.

Though I planning to have two versions, one free sometime called Knicker Box, just now learning Blender to do this has taken longer then expected, and now looks there may be a bug to deal with. So I’m changing my Focus to Free.

These two transparent shadow planes from nowhere have killed development days to find. The backdrop it a 1 minute movie of a day as the game’s timer. The shadows on the first dawn image are right. Seconds in, this huge shadow rides up covering everything as shown in image 2, Noon, it should be a Sun lit deck with crisp slow moving shadows. To start the game press the bar at the base and Marbles are to roll into place. As you see the second plane is blocking them. The third image is the day’s end. I THINK the light is right by the light on the sides show up the last sec. and this light is going through my movie screen fine but can’t prove it.

So in the flavor of Thanksgiving I will post the Knicker Box code, to big ( 1.7 meg with out the movie to post here). Let me know and I will get it to you somehow. When cleaned up a git more I will post the it.

Also I am looking for some pick-up and toss code for the marbles and a realistic rolling sound.


PS Thanks to Blender and SIO2 for all there great work!!!

I’m new here, the window I used to upload the 3 images looked norm, but there are not on the the page, Did I miss something to post? Edit did not let retry to upload.

Let me know is you see or want them.

You can edit you first post and add the images. Check the format and size of your images. Just jpeg (with it’s 3 extentions) and png is allowed.

I hope it helps

Thanks for that. I looked and though my images were .jpg as I thought, it was set to be hidden.
My browser would not let me change the images so I reposted it as:

“Fantom planes blocking lighting game”


So? How did it go?

Sadly I was not getting it looking good and running on the iPhone on time.