Thanksgiving dinner table

I have been working on this scene for the past few days and need to take a bit of time away from it to clear my mind. I am trying to finish it up soon. Let me know if anything could be improved, removed, or just tweaked.

This already looks very well done, mcdavid. As far as improvements, the only thing I can think of is perhaps making the image a little warmer. Right now it seems pretty much neutral in terms of light color, and if that’s what you want than you’ve nailed it. I think since we’re looking at the thanksgiving dinner table, and we’re thinking about food/fall/family, warming up the image slightly might help to associate it with those things even more. Heck, you might even be able to just change the blue sky to more of an orange or yellow one, and not have to touch the color balance of the image to get enough of that feel, because you’ve already got a lot of warm colored things in your shot (all the wood, the plates and utensils, and pumpkins).

That’s all I can suggest myself. Your scene is really looking good!

There really is nothing I can see that stands out as needing improvement. You have done a real nice on this scene. It’s is nice enough that it might justify an additional render or 2 at different camera angles.

Thanks you for your feedback! I gave the warmer lighting a try. I also bumped down the normal map on the back pumpkins. I thought they were a bit too high. I will do some close up shots here in a few days. Each render takes 7 hours and this is my families only laptop/computer so I can only render at night.

Looks great! Though there’s a little too much of chromatic aberration. Not much to say about this image, it already looks almost perfect! Suggestion: a few close up shots of the scene as well will be good.

Thanks for the feedback! I definitely think I went over board with the chromatics, just thought I would give it a try. I will dial it down for the final.

I am trying my hand at close-ups. Here is one of glasses. BTW, I know it is grainy. Few samples for now but I will bump it up for the final.

very nice…

Here is another look at the cornucopia.

As far as colors go, your first render looked much better :yes: The second one looks like some sort of filter was added to the image after it was rendered.

Awesome work!

Really great image. Love the textures and composition. I even like the noisy renders. Gives it a vintage feel like they’re shots from an old home decor magazine from the 70s.

I do agree that the chromatic aberration could be toned down a bit. I might suggest some additions to help further the story about the family that would sit at this table. Maybe add some scratches and scrapes to the wood of the table and the paint on the cabinet at the rear of the room. Maybe one or two of the chairs gets set slightly askew. A couple of faded food stains on the table runner. Make things feel like they’ve been lived with and used for a long time. It would help suggest a family that gets together often.

Fantastic work!