Thanksgiving Dinner Table


I have been working on this piece for a while now. I have been given some great feedback from the Blender community to help improve the overall scene. This is also the first time I have make an overall scene and then focused in on some specific details. Too often I try to get away with sub par textures because the detail is so far away. This time I tried my best to get as detailed as possible. I hope you enjoy it!

You’ve created a great scene, mcdavid! I think the piece looks very well done from all points. Your additional close up renders are also very good! I don’t see a lack of detail anywhere.

If I had to critique anything, I would say a couple of the renders have a little bit of noise still in them, but I understand many of us simply don’t have the hardware needed to render to noiseless without running our computer for an ungodly amount of time.

Really great work, you should be very proud! Extra points for completing this early for Thanksgiving!

nice renders!
5 stars from me

Very well done indeed!
The lighting is very natural and pleasing, materials are convincing.

Maybe If you care to add some specular texture to the grape so to vary its reflections, or some irregularities to the skin of pears and pumpkin, you could gain in realism, as they are now they may seem a bit as plastic.

Really a great job!
EDIT(yeah 5 stars from me too)


You have indeed created a great scene as James Candy said, I’m loving the warm feeling I get from this, and the lovely colors. Great lighting as well, but a really nice scene all around! 5 stars from me too! :smiley:

Its a visual delight.Just perfect.Good job done.

great renders and nice view

Very warm, looks like a lovely place to be :slight_smile:

Any info about the render parameters?

This is amazing! I also like the warm feeling that it has. The materials are great! Great job!

Thank you! I appreciate your help in the focus critique forum!

I know exactly what you mean about the noise. The still of the glass is only 500 samples. The video includes the same scene but at 1500 samples.

I completely agree about the skin/plastic nonsense. I could probably do a bit more tweaking there, thanks for the feedback!

Thanks! My renders where 1080 by 1350, at 1500 samples. I would like to amp up the samples but this already took 7 hours for each still.

Love the video! The noise could be brought down a bit but overall good. 5 starts!

amazing, I really like those colors…

Personally I find the vignette way too strong, but great job on the shading!

Very Realistic Art!
Massively Like it!
Thanks for Sharing :smiley:

Amazing work!

Totally unrealistic. Where are the broken glasses? I see no blood anywhere. Certainly not how Thanksgiving looks around here. =)

Cycles render?