Fixed some proportions and details. added the eyes.

This is little project I started yesterday

I sculpted in Zbursh and rendered and uv unwrapped in Blender.

I know the jaw needs to be wider and head more rounder, add more detail(especialy on the forehead and around the eye).

I haven`t started texturing it yet and of course have not added the eyes.

Feedback would be nice:)


Ooh … Following this project!
Will you be doing the shoulder golden armor and maybe even a hand with the infinity gauntlet?

Feedback : Thanos is a mean mofo! Could use some of that mad “I want to kill everything and marry Death” expression on his face.

Thanks:) Yeah I might just do the entire sitting in chair scene or just him standing with the armor. Haven`t decided yet.

I had a feeling he was looking more content than mad:)

Yeah … it’s definitely Miller time if it’s up to him now. But … it’s recognizably Thanos. Can’t wait to see where you’ll be taking this project :slight_smile:

Update: Fixed a couple of things, still got some adjustments to make.

I will soon begin texturing and work on the shader.

Doesn’t Thanos have more even spread vertical lines on his chin?

PS.: The last image is remarkably similar to the first image.