Thanx CD

You have managed to screw up yet another thread.

In fact, he even screws up his own threads. IMHO CD is a troll in disguise. The disguise of a mentally ill person.

I have to agree, it seems nearly every thread he posts in gets locked within a day…
First he destroys his own threads, then he turns one of the finished projects works into a political argument, and now he gets a thread locked because he doesn’t like people using the term Xmas:rolleyes:

Too true, I’ll bet he is a fat self centered piece of something. Friggin guy should get something going besides being an a**hat!

This reminds me of that thread on another forum which he mentioned in one of his “no-one likes me” threads, the “we hate CD club” thread or something…

Yeah, fun I guess, but for real, the guy is about to make me puke…

put him on your ignore list then. it’s bleedingly simple.

Now if you think I screw up every thread then does it really help to start a thread that I screw up threads?

yes it probably is good… coz then the moderators can talk about it, and ban you again.


Well. I don’t know what I do wrong, all I know is that one way or another I screw up threads and everything even when I try to not do it.

Somehow I manage to screw up no matter which forum I end up joining.

Maybe interaction with other humans really isn’t your thing?

I’ve screwed up at an off topic forum for Gamemaker users
I’ve screwed up at the Dragon community
I’ve screwed up here.
Years ago I’ve even screwed up in highschool and was taken out. Only to then screw up at the school I went to after that later on which leaves me doing my work at home.

you know… this is like the first time i come upon a situation where the whole community hates one person lol… (im nutral btw couze i dont pay attention to all the threads)…

if you guys hate him so much then why not just ban the ip or hostname… ban the username as well…

i kinda find this hallarious btw lol

You DO realize that you’re feeding the troll and becoming one at the same time, right? Seriously, you’re always ranting about how CD ruins every thread that he comes by, but now you’ve resorted to starting a thread about it. Get over it! This is just going to lead to more flames, more hurt feelings, more locked threads, and more jerks on this forum.

This thread could really use a cat…

i personaly got 1 thing to say to most of u lol

go outside a bit more

Oh My Goodness…You are so right! I have gone wayyyyy overboard! Sorry folks, I’ll try to keep this stuff under control.
No cat, but here’s fluffy…

No cat, but here’s fluffy…

Oh! Mi! Gawd! The perfect sidekick for Super Wu-Man! :smiley:

if your trying to screw everything up then stop.

if not, then just dont be an idiot. stay away from off-topic for a while. try not to annoy people. then they won’t hate you.

maybe i should write a mini-tut. :rolleyes:

but seriously, i don’t know why i bother to read these things. i half expect some people to get blown away by The Meteor of Common Sense.

Way back in the nails thread Icoxo admitted the “real dragon” thing was just a work of fiction, like Sago Baby and Wu-Man. Despite this, he continued on with the troll to the point where he had people believing he genuinely believed he was a dragon and has since gone on to drag people into a new troll based on his awakening that not only does he suffer Aspergers (I know a sufferer and Icoxo’s troll behaviour doesn’t fit the bill) but has also realised he’s not a dragon after all. If only all psychological disorders were so easy to diagnose and fix.

The problem is people are just too gullible and/or naive and/or charitable. Icoxo is a “look at me” troll. Nothing more nothing less, but it was reaching the point where sympathetic and caring people would have probably sent him a dollar to help pay for professional help if he’d asked for it.

While this thread may also feed the troll, it might at least keep him busy enough to stay out of other people’s useful threads. Clearly the ban wasn’t long enough to serve any useful purpose.

well, if I were you (meaning everyone in this thread, including myself), I’d stop worrying about this issue and pray that you aren’t attacked by FLUFFY!