Thanx CD

I still believe he has Asperger’s. The way that he NEVER comprehends sarcasm and the way that he tries sarcasm himself (with the dragon thing) and can’t pull it off without coming off as serious…

Either he really does or he’s a smart troll that can mimic it perfectly…

you people are all strange in the head… CD is a person, he likes things and hates others. I like pie and I hate screaming babies, so much to the fact that when one does and no one fixes it I get alll heavy breathing like and picture doing painfull things to the baby. While eating pie. ( no relation to you sago)

Can’t we all get along? tis the season to be jolly, with lots of holly and joy or something.
if someone you don’t know is bothering you, then block them and shut up about it jeeze, I thought this was a blender forum, not a forum of pre schoollers who start flames.


and to lock this coal before it erupts into flames…

cmon, I had two recent deaths in the family, and its near that certain day related to a certain religion that I won’t say to not offend anyone, and I would just like to focus on other things, like blending, and family and more blending. All I am seeing are flames! Flames are only good in three places… fireplace, in my oven cooking the ham and somewhere else or something.

Please stop?

P.S. I got all sad again, so again HAPPY FUNTIMEAWESOMEHOLLIDAI!!!

All better :smiley:

thanxz spiff andy!!!you cheered me up alot…merry christmas!

no prob! BTW I reported this thread so everyone else might as well find anouther fire to fuel

Happy holidays!

Merry Christmas Spiffy!

You rock Spiffy.:wink: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone!:smiley:

Well actually CD has been asked not to post in Off-topic or news and chat.

So end of all this nonsense from everyone. and locked