That Black Cat is back again!

Ok, so some people might remember this little guy from a couple of months back, and also remember that I said I would like to animate him!

Well the time has come to animate this beast I say!

With that said, I have already modled every thing and textuerd it all and have drawn up a storyboard.

I won’t give away the story :wink: , but it has two characters, a Kitty and a severd arm witch looks kinda zombieish.

I’ll start doing some animation tests tommorow.

Here’s a little promo pic that I put together, both diff, one’s darker then the other. Witch do you like the best?

And here are a couple of pics of the arm.
Top view
Camera view

C+C welcome. :smiley:

It looks good, though even the lighter version of the pick needs more lighting. They are good but there isn’t much we can see…

Both are much to dark to say anything.


I didn’t want to go to light and bright cause he’s spose to be in a dark and dank bassment lit by one light and its at night time.
But I went a little lighter and this is the lightest I’m really willing to go.

Its strange cause I showed those pictures to a few of my friends and all liked the darker version. :-?

Lighter version.
Now linky, please clicky.

Nice Character
But i see a bloop
On the background in the promo scene you see a poster named “Celebrity Take …”
But that image looks very ugly compared to the rest of the enviorment

Keep Blending this cat

I’m looking forward to see anims


Yeah I know the poster looks a bit dodgy but I liked the idea even though it didn’t turn out how I wanted, so I got rid of it. :wink:

Ok, so now I noticed something wrong with the lighting and that is, light from a light bulb isn’t “white” so did some more fiddling around with light colours and what not. And I rather like the feel of the place now. :smiley:

And here is a little walk test of the cat. click here

Below is the updated version.

And here is a little walk test of the cat. click here

Watch out!!! Itchy and Scratchy’s little brother is out on parol. If you don’t scream, you run!

Good work Grape Ape, very well done. A little twisted, but very well done none the less. :smiley: You and Bart will get on well.

Well, this cat loocks very cool!