that ginger bread man again

whilst gus is wondering round the boards, i thought i’d lend my query. it is three fold in nature.
firstly, after i rounded him off, i took a sneaky peak render, just to keep my spirits up and, lo, he’s all hexagonal in the head. check out my wire frame, and he’s nice and smooth. check out a fresh render, at a much higher quality, and he’s all hexagonal. why why why. in shaded and textured view, he’s fine, but when i render, all straight lines. :frowning:
trying to keep my hopes up, i continue (with newbies resiliance/hope/ignorance) and try the anim section of the tutorial. everythings going great until i realise i havent been checking my views, and the whole armature group is about six grid spaces infront of poor hex-head. so, i try and move the bones of the beast (and why are they sometimes bones and sometimes armatures any way???), and…yes more stress; gus runs away…aaah, but this may well be because of the whole parent child relationship (well i know what its like between me and my mum sometimes anyway…) but i have nooo idea how to cancle this relationship, so, i decide to delete the armatures and start again.
when i get round to selecting the new armatures though, (so i can connect them) all the old ones are stil there…eh??
with a distinct lack of confidence that had been instilled by the ‘running pawn’ tutorial, i start alllll over. everythings going great (exept he’s still suffering from funny head syndrome) until i get to viewing his body after deformation with the armatures- he’s got a ruddy great big hole in him (as if one half f the body is a seperate object to the other…something to do with the mirroring process right at the begining??). why why why. and then (still continuing, hoping everything will turn out alright) when i come to pasting in the animation, but reflected, for the other half of his running, it pastes unreflected. (have named the parts incorrectly???) :frowning: :o :frowning: :< :frowning: :o :frowning:

ok, so that wasnt three, but i only rememberd them as i wenty on…and on and on.
sorry this is a bit of an epic, but we newbies are, well, new to this. remember whebn you used to mess up aaaaall the time and answer as kindley as you can…
cheers a million guys

Where you enter the subsurf value there are two fields, the one on the left is for the 3d window, the one on the right is for rendering. Set the rendering value the same as the 3d window value.


  1. just a quick tip: (in case you didn’t know)

in the [links and materials] panel in edit buttons is a [set smooth] button…
clicking this will help you decrease the number of subsurfac divisions you need…

  1. [alt+p] clears parenting

  2. if Gus is a single mesh, then select all vertices [a] and then do [w] then remove doubles… its also in the mesh tools panels in edit buttons

  3. make sure that you name your bones ending with [.R] or [.L]

  4. bone refers to a single “bone” in your strand of bones. an armature is all of the bones collectively in the same object


:smiley: , I’m so sorry, I don’t mean to laugh, but I remember all too clearly being where you are.

Even though we all try to help out newbies, sometimes we do forget just how frustrating it was in the begining.

I must have done the little house tutorial a dozen times before I got it right. :slight_smile:

Follow the instructions already posted above and all will be well. All too soon You will be laughing in sympathy also.

cheers for your help guys. as soon as my schedule clears up a bit, i’ll definetly…well, start again. but dont worry, i wont waste anyones time by posting the results!! lol.
and thanx for having an understanding soul dreamsgate, its glad to know people still remember being crap!

Not crap, just not yet comfortable with the blender workflow. And honestly, I really wasn’t laughing at you, I was laughing at memories of my own first attempts, you described your frustration so well. :smiley:

well, i was one of those people who took one look at blender, and decided to un-install it

i came back to it about 6 months later, and started to get into this stuff…


i lost it too soon, so take some breaths and ask aroung elYsiun