That Heat Though - Animated

This is a quick test scene I created from a concept art created by a friend. The name The heat though came from the actual heatwave that hit Paris while I was working on it, not to mention that i had no fan in my apartment!

I created this from scratch to finish, using blender as my main program. The scene’s modeling/texturing/shaders took me a full day to create. Adding all the simulations to it, rendering and compositing, i’d say it took me less than a week.

Here is the final animation:

Wow. Nice work, very realistic!

Nice job! I really like the subtle camera shake.

I really like this? Could you explain the rendering process you went through to get this result? A renderfarm?

thanks mel! glad you did since i had some trouble doing that effect properly, it proved to be alot more challenging than i thought :)!

Hey Luster, not at all! It is actually quite complicated to explain it on a few lines.

One of my missions was to have an optimized scene in order to render it in a short amount of time with limited resources, reason is this test is actually meant for a project that I am working on with some friends.

I am willing however to muster up some free time to make a video explaining what went through in the scene if a lot of people are interested, especially since there is a lot going on that i’d like to share :)!

:eek: Really Like how the sand interacted with the rolling cannonball! Very Impressive.