That Normal seems Abnormal

I’ve been working on this outfit using Mirror Modifier, Subdivision Surface, and Displacement (for collar).

This afternoon I turned off subsurf in the viewport, and discovered that several faces have this strange distorted shading…

I applied Rotation and Scale.
I used Merge by Distance and Recalculate Normals on the entire mesh.
I used Flip Normals on the affected faces. When that didn’t work, I deleted the faces, filled the entire area, then joined the applicable vertices.
I switched off the Displacement modifier just in case, but not surprisingly, it didn’t solve the problem.

Does anybody know what’s causing this, and how to fix it?

Here it is in Object Mode from front ortho with Subsurf and Displacement turned off.

Select the object and try going into search and using the command “clear custom split normal data”

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That cleared it up! Thanks very much @Lillya!! (: