That one tool i don't know the name of...

Hi, I’m looking for the name of the tool, and probably how to use it with keyboard commands. You know the one. THAT ONE. Yup.

WTH am I talking about?

The one where you select a vertex or series of vertices on a line, and then presto-chango by means of magical hot keys, you now have two edges or vertices, because they are no longer connected.

Like if you wanted to cut a mesh in half along a seem, you could do this.

I know it exists because I’ve done it by accident several times.

I thought it was something like ctrl y or y, or shift v, but its none of those.

Rip = shortcut V

Rip tool (V)

Tried only pressing V ?

Brilliant! I added it to my blender command notes. I got it mixed up with Sheer, because ya know, Sheers = Scissors.