That Pepsi Feeling

This is my first picture posting here at BA,

Did this one from Spin’s Soda Can Tutorial (That seems to have disappeared.) I think it came out pretty good, but I’m open to comments.

BTW… does anyone know what happened to Spin? I see he hasn’t posted in a long time!


Yes, it looks very good. But the only thing I would change is the can’s reflective-ness. It’s a little much. So just take it down a noch, and change the ref color to a little more blue.

Don’t get me wrong, though, it looks great.

Another “give-away” is the material used for the top of the can. If you notice, the material on a real can is matte. You can’t see anything at all reflected in it.

What about some dents ? Or should this image be “clean” ?

i am not too sure if cola cans are matte…they are pretty glossy

For the cans, I would definately push up the fresnel slider in your raytransp panel, and leave the reflectiveness where is is. Also, I’m guessing that you will give this scene a background other than just a red and white checker pattern (ugh) before you call it finished.

The reflectivness may be too high, I know. I just have the settings at the values Spin has in his tutorial.

Yes the backgroud is pretty bland, but hey, I’m in the learning stage. Hence the use of the tutorial.

Thanks for the pointers everyone. I’ll try messing with the RayMirror and Fresnel settings and see what I come up with.

u should add some frost on the cans to make em look like they just came outa the fridge, no 1 likes their pepsi hot