That Reflection Catching Issue

Hi to everyone.
I see it is very confusing to get some background composit object which has reflections, lights, caustics on it. (In C4D one click = Compositing Background/HDRI) I’ve watched some tuts on youtube and they were getting fine results by using the nodes but they seem so complex to me.
Isn’t there an easy way?
Or can’t the coders make a button and it creates that complex node work at once in background? Tick: Shadow catch Tick: Reflection Catch… Would be nice.

To properly help you, Muratz, we all need details.

“Reflection Catching” is a general, basic, conceptial title in Blender 3d world i think. It has its own details inside. I do not ask for any personal help. I talk about an issue. May be the developers or some willing addon coder can think on.
But, sundialsvc4, if you want to help you can search “Reflection Catcher in Blender” in google and see details i ask about.

Yes, I know what a shadow or reflection catcher is, but your post as I read it does not ask a clear question. If for example you’re asking about how a particular node or a node-group that you found in some tutorial actually works … what is that node group and at what URL did you find reference to it? And what, in your own words, is the nature of your confusion about it? Are you suggesting that Blender should adopt a particularly useful-to-you feature from C4D? If so, what do you have in mind? And, so on.

It just doesn’t make sense for any of us to “do a Google search” to find the question that you’re asking! Ask and ye shall find!!

I think he is just asking if there is a simple solution for catching reflections.

muratz, currently cycle’s shadow catcher is just partially complete. There are a lot of things they simply have yet to add to it. Check out this old devtalk post where they discuss this:

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Here is written what i asked simply. If you have nothing to write you are not neccesary. I didn’t send a DM and ask to you. According to me, the question is simple and clear. As in the message of zanzio, is there an easy way. If not, does anyone know something about an addon or think on it.
There is no detail. You can look at detailed questions. Have a nice day.

Seems to me one of the ways blender may be better is that you can often find scenes that someone has built that they are willing to share. This may be an easy solution. Also I did a search here and I found this:

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Yes, you are right. May be using some ready built temp scenes could be a temporary solution.
In fact the proper way is very complex for me and a lot. You create new collections, new view layer, duplicates, alphas, nodes… I am already new at node base. (i am immigrating from C4D)
So if someone shares a basic one we’ll be glad.

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I know I’m a bit late, but I also really wish there was a Reflection catcher solution. That devtalk post is years old, and even though it’s been getting a lot of attention recently (because a reflection catcher is something a lot of people want), there has been absolutely nothing coming from the devs. Muratz, were you able to find an addon or quicker solution?