That Rock Paper Scissor Game! (Demo coming soon!!! :) )

Hey everyone! its Tony Powell from Philosoplay and im just wanted to bring some news on a new multiplayer game ive been working on and will soon with to share with you called Row Sham Bow Shoot! So RSBS is a multiplayer game that takes the core mechanics of Rock, Paper, Scissor and brings it into a new space for multiplayer gaming. THe mode ill be displying in this video is regular death match. In death match, 3 players “triangle off” against each other So if your Rock, you have to make contact with Scissor but avoid contact with Paper!

Please excuse the slow frame rate, the game acually players at 58-60fps on my old laptop but the capturing software im using is slowing it down greatly!

Hey hey Yall! it’s been a busy couple of days but i bring you news of the latest game Philosoplay is developing called Row Sham Bow Shoot!

So Multiplayer is finally in the game and working well! Now players can play the game from different computers as Rock, paper or Scissors and navigate through the game collecting power ups and using them to their advantage! The next few days will probably be spent on developing the menus and hud (heads up display) and ive been recording my progress on that to compile into a small video to share with you all! but for now please enjoy this 2 min video of how the multiplayer works from just my computer with 2/3 players!

Hey yall just wanted to bring another update to yall bout that lastest on That Row Sham Bow Game!!! enjoy

Hey hey hey! good work man!, really fun stuff, can’t wait to play online, keep us updated.

Very well, done, this game looks like a lot of fun!
How many players can join in?

nice work “koodos to u guys”

Yo yo yo Aryok! thanks so much for the comment!!! I so cant wait to play this game with you all as well!!! wont be too much longer i hope!!! :slight_smile:

Hey hey Torakunsama! thanks ya thank ya!!! The game supports 3 players on Death Match and on Team Death Match it’ll have 6 players!

Hey Dave! thanks bro! you yall have really uplifted my sprite!!! makes me wanna stay home and work on this game all day hahahaha!!!

Hey hey yall Just wanted to bring some exciting news! the game is far from finished but its at the point now where it needs to test this with others online! So i want to share with you all and see if anyone wants to play and share any feedback!.

Ports you’ll need to forward are from 10550-10556 if you want to host a match!.
i hope this works, it works fine over a lan but im not sure how it works over a wan! Thanks so much for all that are interested in playing! oh also the game runs on Windows xp and up and youll need python 3 instaled as well as burster 1.6.2 to run the plug-in!

Hers the link to the game!!!

That Row Sham Bow Game

oh and you can use the user name and password

login: tester
password: 123

Thanks so much to all that play!


Hey hey Yall! just wanted to present a bit better quality video of “That Row Sham Bow Game!” a game I’ve been working on for a few months now! This video is about the current state of the computer AI that is in development! i hope you all enjoy! oh and sorry for the loading time!

Also if you wanna give the game a try it runs on Windows xp and up and you’ll need the burst plug-in to play it over the browser!

user name = tester
password = 123
and just in case ya dont have the latest plug-in version of Burster, here ya go!

Any kind of feedback will be greatly appreciated!


Awesome game :slight_smile: new way to play RPS with a computer instead of a friend…can’t wait for the final release.

just a questions: How did you create the opening GUI?

Hey hey Dan! Thanks for the feed back bro! The game still supports multiplayer in Death Match and it should work over a wan but im still not able to get port forwarding working properly to test it out, so i really wanted people to try this concept out so i built a simple AI for all the characters and tossed it up on the site. Oh the GUI was a simple Shape Key animations for Scissor or Paper however Rock is Rotated via motion actuator. The Menu moves on and off the screen when their being called into use! The Join Match menu and the log in and registration menus all store and retrieve data via a few php scripts that are stored on a database on the site! ill be happy to post some examples of the scripts if anyone needs its, ill also post the .blend as soon after i clean everything up and its all documented! hehehehe but please feel free to drop any more critic on “That Row Sham Bow Game!” hehehehe Ive been waiting to get to a point where people can test this game out and give critic. its been a long quite road to this beginning point. But this marks a milestone that i shall reward myself with but finally relaxing and playing some of your games!

Hey hey Yall! just wanted to put out a quick update to this Rock, Paper, Scissor game ive been working on for a while. Finally have some art to show for the game and while its not final, i think its far along enough to present and give a basic idea of what this game is striving for! Although this level is modeled after a kindergarten classroom, this game is being developed for people of all ages :slight_smile: the theme behind the level design are places that we commonly see rock paper scissors played!. This was my first attempt at level design for this game as well, so there’s lots to add but it’s getting there. I’m looking to put together a trailer soon but i still have to dive into sound design and that’s something very new for me. Well i hope yall enjoy and please give me any feedback possible, I need all the constructive criticism I can get to make this game the best it can be!Thanks for checking it out and stay tuned!!! :slight_smile:

Above is the view during game-play! its a top-down perspective view of an elementary school. There’s still loads to add and sorry for the blurriness, FB sized the image down so its not as clear. You can see Rock, Paper (Paper Plane) and Scissor in their default respawn position as well as 3 different Power Ups Dashing, Land Mines, and Invisibility (looks like the Etch-n-Sketch)!

Heres a close up of the power ups the players can use and what they do!

Dash Power Up that allows the player to move across the room 10x faster than usual but only last for 1sec its usable 3 times before this power up is returned back into the level for another player to grab! :slight_smile:

This Power Up allows the player to drop up to 3 land mines on the ground to be triggered by the character your player is hunting. For example, if Rock collected the Land Mine Power Up then only Scissor can detonate it. However, Rocks mine is harmless to paper :slight_smile:

This Power Up is for Invisibility!, it allows the player to move around the level undetected by all players but only for a limited amount of moves. It wears off after 9 moves or after you have eliminated the player you are hunting down. I can be used up to 3 times before it returns to the level to be used by someone else :slight_smile:

Getting some work done on the Sprite animations for the Land Mine power up! this pic just shows the land mines for Rock, Paper and Scissor as well as the explosion it makes after triggered. As of now there are 3 different layers of animated textures for the explosion but i think ill have 6 by the time its done. One interesting thing i learn while building this explosion is that it has to be broken up into these 6 stages. the first 3 which i have working now isnt really displayed properly in this image because its an animation but you see the core blast in the center, Which represents the light from the explosion, it travels faster than the actual fire and smoke. Also the smoke isnt created until after the fire cools rapidly which is why the outer ring of this explosion is smokey and flowing behind it is the fire itself. Although this image doesnt really show the proper way the explosion animates, i had to break it down in a single frame to show how this works! more to come when the finished product later on tonight!

Hey hey everyone! Great news!!! Just wanted to share a video of that Rock, Paper, Scissor game I’m working on and explain a bit more of what this game is about! Please check it out when you have a moment and lemme know what ya think!!! :slight_smile:

Hey yall my bad about the last post but the video is up if anyone is interested! thanks for checking it out and enjoy!!! :slight_smile:

You absolutely need to highlight the players, especially in such a colourful room. A black outline on each player would be perfect (you should try things out). Right now it’s just a little bit hard on the eyes.

Other than that, I like how it looks, I like its simplicity; it looks fun!
Nice job. (:

Also, I think the scoring is unfair. You’re awarded 1 point for catching your partner regularly, and then 1000% of that when caught with the power up. Given how broken the land mines are (I think they should all disappear once a player dies to one), the player who starts off with them has a huge advantage.

So some suggestions:

  1. You should only be awarded 300% of the points when catching a target with a powerup, so 3 points instead of 1.
  2. Planted land mines should disappear after target player hits one. This adds a lot of strategy to the land mines… You could hold on to your landmines, but the target player could easily remember where one is. Or you can place all three for a secure kill but you lose all your land mines. It’s a nice balance.

Hey hey Linkxgl! Thanks for checking out the game bro! your totally right about highlighting the players! ive been thinking of ways to do such a thing and i think the black outlines is the perfect idea! adding that to the list of things to do hahahahaha! Also your right about the scoring!, i have the point difference there for testing lol, but ill end up changing the score system to something similar to what you have described! Lastly I like your idea about making the land mines disappear after the target player is killed! right now the land mines only disappear once your player dies or once the target player trips them all but i think it would also be better to get rid of them once the target player is killed! However, in doing this, im thinking it may be a good idea to limit the use of the power ups to the death of the target player. For example, if you gain the dash or invisibility, just like the land mines, you can use it 3 times or until the target player is killed via that power up. I think that would balance all of the power ups! what do you think?
Thanks for the tip bro! ill get onto making those changes soon!

Tony!!! :slight_smile:

Hey hey yall! more news to come on development of this rock paper scissor game! made several improvements based on feedback i got on the last video and ill be putting another game play video together, this time much shorter, showing those updates and discussing whats next on the list of things to do! Thanks for checking in and stay tuned for the video!!! :slight_smile:

Hey hey Yall! Heres that new update on the status for the game! thanks you so much for the comments and advice on this game!!! :slight_smile: