That was easy!

It’s not what I’d really classify as a “finished project” though it’s not a WIP either. Just something I threw together quickly, but since I have very few works of any kind posted, and I rather like how it turned out I figured I’d post it anyways. I’m still relatively new with Blender and while I’ve been reading the forums and other blender sites for years I have never really accomplished much work. Anywho, here it is:

That was easy!

– camel

Bump maps are our friends… DON’T ABUSE THEM! lol
srry. the bump map is too big, resize the texture in (map input) or remove it.
(I.M.O the plastic should have a higher specularity) other than that no complaints, keep it up.

wht is it tht u r trying to make?? is it some kinda EASY button to press whenever life gets tough??? :smiley: lol

the lighting looks good! could be better but good. :slight_smile:

blackhawk0900: well as I mentioned it’s not something that’s really a work in progress or anything, just something I threw together so I probably won’t be updating this one. However thank you for the feedback and thoughts. Modeling I’m okay at, textures I’ve never considered myself very good with, and some things that others can accomplish with the procedural textures completely astonish me. I just haven’t trained my eyes to be able to see the multiple layers of textures in most surfaces.

anuraag_01: That’s almost exactly what it is, I notice your location shows India (and with no offense intended) I’m not sure if the Staples store chain is in your area or that you would have seen their commercials. However try looking online for “easy button” and you’ll probably see where it stems from.

Felix_Kütt: Thank you about the lighting… As I mentioned about textures, lighting is also another area I’m not very strong in at all. This scene is just a simple 3 point light setup. I’m rather kind of ashamed about that fact as my father is a professional photographer, has been for a very long time, and after having helped him setup numerous scenes for his photo shoots I hoped I would have learned better but unfortunately it’s still an area I could use alot of work in. Hopefully with more practice and trial and error I’ll have some luck.

i appreciate the effort, however little it may be, but lets not pollute the forum with half-assed shit.
right now it could either be a red pie with hardcore lettering or a button (i know its supposed to be a button) thats floating in space.
the forum should have a “scraps” section for quick idea stuff and tests-that-arent-really-tests-but-arent-quite-finished-works-or-WIPs

i think thats quite unfair. every one has to start someware, and with out some positive feed back people find it hard to make the effort to continue learning.

right, but he freely admitted that it was something that wouldnt “really classify as a ‘finished project’ though it’s not a WIP either”.
all im saying is push it more, make it into a complete scene. like, the more you put into it, the more youll get out of any criticism/commentary.
anyway, i didnt mean to be disrespectful, its a good start, i think it should be developed more before being in the “finished works” section.

It’s always amazed me how some of the stuff which obviously has involved minimal effort sometimes attracts more comments than some really high quality pieces that have involved much effort.
Says a fair bit about human nature…

Good pix - Tutorial on the way soon ? I’d love to use some of those maps with my work.