That'll buff right out



Like most 3d artists I’ve seen enough boring car renders to last me a lifetime, so I decided to get creative and destroy it’s beauty. Muhaha!
It was extremely enjoyable, taking each panel and smashing dents in it. Like using a virtual hammer! I highly recommend it! :smiley:

Rendered with Yafray, all textures made in Photoshop CS2 except the broken windshield, which was bought off


EDIT: It was made to look as if the car had scraped along a barrier and then spun out and rolled off the road and into some muddy grass.

Oh! You finnished it. I know you pushed some of your skills here, you’ve done some excellent modelling, i cant really say that you need to work on it some more because i know you’ve worked on it quite hard for a while so i’ll just say, you haven’t quite pulled it off.

Great effort though. Maybe in the future when you have learned how to texture better, you can improve on it but it just looks… wierd.

4 stars.

Fantastic! What idea and what realization. Great work.

I was watching the first image and thinking “yaw another car” and suddenly the second image made me smile. The are some artifacts and the car paint is not very convincing, can you tell us a bit about your yafray settings?

i love it.
4.5 rounded up.

Awesome work, but I still find the scratches to be odd, but thats the only thing the rest is great.

Five stars from me for smashing that vehicle to pieces. Great modelling and render - keep it up.

/ MatsJust to

lol, what a great idea. There are no end of nice shiny cars around, but very few destroyed ones.

Your car paint looks a little like plastic though.

It’s the first time I have seen somebody wreck an average image to make it much better.
I hope its not modelled on experience.
Good work.

Nice work except I think the scratches are to dull.

Hey guys, Thanks for the kind comments!

I’ve noticed that a lot of you are saying that the paint texture looks a bit dodgey.
Which panels look the worst?
Is it the front fender?? :wink:

To me right above the headlight. the scrapes seem dull like something was just smudged on there.

I love it. The scrapes should actually be duller and not a specular; the white/gray smudge is where the paint is scraped off showing the “body in white” undercoating and steel. I actually think it looks almost realistic as a rollover leftover total. I love the little bits and pieces strewn about too!

Love the concept and the execution is mostly spot-on. I’m not sure that the cracking on the windshield is right, and using a similar cracking on the RH window is off - side glass (at least in the US) is designed to shatter into a bunch of little fragments rather than cracking like this. If you hit them right they literally explode. DAMHIK. Another nit, what’s that pointy thing over the LF wheel?
And I too love the bits strewn about. Very nice.

Very nice :), great improvements from the WIP. Just the scrapes around the headlight look a little off, on top the scratches are going up, while on the right they are going the other way to the side.
Great job! 5 *'s.

it looks real … which is the sad part … lol i hate seeing expensize cars like that destoryed lol jk