thats a shinny space ship

(Alltaken) #1

this is the third and last of the space ships that i’m going to model for the movie i was asked to help make.

all sugestions welcome

the jpg compression has left a few artifacts in some of the red coloured parts. but only because i didn’t want you guys to wait for ages downloading.
(how considerate of me)

i will still add a few guns and missiles to it a well.
perhaps some writing on the side too (don’t know yet)

please have a look at all of the other ships i have created and give me any coments on them as well.

thanks for coming

(pofo) #2

But it looks like it lacks some details

(Alltaken) #3

if anyones got any sugestions of details that i could add it would be much appreciated.

cause i kinda felt that too.
but i don’t know what to add.

(rogerm3d) #4

Looks pretty good. Seems to be missing the interior though.
Aside from that its looking nice :stuck_out_tongue:

(S68) #5

I like it a lot, but:

costructive(?) criticism

The Star Wars droid is nice, but the ship is not star warrish, they are usually white/cream/chrome not so colorfull…

So either get rid of the droid, or of the colours (IMHO) :slight_smile:

You can add details with a subtle bumpmap faking plate joints, this would be not too a change.


(Alltaken) #6

oh opps i forgot to post my pictures that have an interior in them.

i might do that a little later.

my original design used a lighter blue colour for the body.
which was closer to the star wars n-1 ship from episode 1.

but because i am designing the ship for somebody else and am under a loose amount of orders, red is the colour he wanted so its what i am using.

i did like some the other colours a bit more than red.

i will try the bump mapping idea for parts of it like the wings
and will add some guns to the front.

but i have exams for the next week so i won’t post any images untill they are over.
perhaps i’ll put up the ones with interiors. i may come and update this post with them.

by the way i stole the robothead and the interior from somone elses model because of huge time constraints.

i have to have all the animating done in the next 2 weeks.

perhaps a few minutes worth of animations.