That's Right - Cheese Wiz

Here is my finished product…

Very nice!

One tiny challenge: I presume this is your kitchen at home? Could you take a photo backwards of this one (ie: standing just in front of the fridge and facing the opposite way of this photo) and use it to construct a reflection on the can of CheeseWiz?

Actually it is a google kitchen…google images…I wish this was my kitchen…so no I can’t. Unfortionatley not. Thanks for the c&c though.

Ah well, it was a thought!

You could always try visiting a display home and taking a couple of photos of the kitchen there, but what the hey, I’m just a rambling ammusionist, so feel free to ignore!

Still good cheese wiz!

Thanks bud…I may if I ever get the chance.

The can of ‘Cheese’ looks very flat, i dont know what it is, might have something to do with lighting??

Nice work,

here is a tip on useing background images that are smaller than your output image size…

render your project at 2X the normal size, then use GIMP or photo$hop to reduce the image gradualy…
I do it 25% at a time for a total of 4 re-sizes…

what this will do is average out the jagged edges of the bacdrop photo, and blend it in better with the forground 3d work you did.

I use this method for getting rid of moddleing that is caused from AO and GI in rendering engines, when you dont have enough samples…
it saves massive ammounts of rendering time…

hope this helps,
Neat theme for a picture :

The can does look a little flat…I think it may be that its too evenly lit. Soft shadows may help to suggest indoor lighting. And im asuing that the counter is CG? Great job overall!
Peace man

Thanks for the replies…

Free_ality & Flurp: I will look into all of those situations. Maybe take the one lamp down a bit as well as the AO.

Poof: That is a great idea! I don’t know why I didn’t think about just rendering a normal image and then sampling the other one in in Photoshop. Thanks for the tip.

Keep the crits comin guys…


I’m a big fan of cheese (even cheese from a can).

I think the reason the can has a flat look is that the image texture doesn’t go far enough around the surface. On a real can of Easy Cheese, the ‘label’ portion wraps around the surface almost 180 degrees so that it ends almost directly opposite from where it begins. On yours, the entire label only occupies what looks to be about 90-120 degrees.

The nozzle is also a little small for the size of the can. You have to be able to operate the thing one-handed. :slight_smile:

86point5: Yeah, I messed back and forth with the texture for a while and decided on the logo being completely visible. I don’t know…I’ll have to render one how you have laid out. Thanks for the crits though.