The 1st Particles Always Give Me Trouble

When ever I setup a particle system on an animated emitter the first few particles never seem to cooperate.

I animate the emitter traveling from point A to B over a number of frames.
Sometimes start at frame 0 or 1.

I turn off Gravity and make the object velocity slightly affect the partials so they will follow like a smoke trail on a rocket.

But no matter if I start the particles at frame 0, 1, 2, 3, etc the first particles always bounce back to the starting position or some other location that does not match the rest of them.

I even changes the emitter location curves to vector.

And sometimes a few are already floating around before they are emitted.

It seems to change inconsistently even in the same particle system.

Anyone else experience this and/or know how to make ALL particles follow the particle settings?

I’ve also noticed if I turn object & normal influence to 0, all the particles stay where they spawn…except for (you guessed it) the first 1-3 particles. They follow the emitter for a few frames then snap to some position.

Just noticed the new version was released today (2.69).
Under the particles bug fix list I see this:

Fix #36479: Particle instance Modifier random position snaps objects to 0 position. (r59713)

Fingers crossed as I download and install.

[EDIT]: No, it did not fix the problem.