The 2000 Scare

Hey, remember back in late 1999, at least in the United States, although it could have been world wide; people started getting worried that the Computers would not switch to the year 2000 and would for some odd reason crash. Was this worry a load of BS, or was it well founded, because it seems to me that computers, even then, would have been good enough to change time( Which they did). But was this not a well founded idea, or just a bunch of people freaking out for nothing?

I had my trusty Apple G3, 350MHz, 256MB RAM, 6 gigHD, running good old 9.2, and I wasn’t worried about a thing :wink:

Edit: Although the 2012 thing may be worse, who knows what maniacs may be loose for that horsesh#t.

Its was just nonsense like we have to deal with 2012 now. Why cant be people rational and logical thinkers?:mad:

I survived 2000, and will survive 2012.

The main reason the Y2K bug did no real damage is because the reality that software could glitch as the calender programmed into then would switch to 00 was known about a year in advance at the least.

This gave ample time for companies and organizations to update their software to give four digits for displaying the year instead of just two and thus the whole Y2K thing was limited to just a few small incidents (as my bathroom reader puts it anyway).

So the whole thing making a mess of global infrastructure and computing could’ve happened if everyone ignored it, but a year was more than enough to prevent it, however that was technology-based and 2012 isn’t so we’ll be hearing it being hyped until the actual date they say the world is supposed to end or a number of different spectacular events are supposed to occur depending on which corner of the internet you’re looking in.

Think your worries are over? Bad news:

They don’t need to be rational about 2012, because we will all be dead on October 21 of this year:

Save the date, now!

Yep, and I bet that the government keaps all of this info away from us by hiding on the set of the moonlanding :wink:

I think 2012 is extremely dangerous!
There where 12 apostle.
If you substract them you got 2012-12.
Thats 2000.
If you do the sum of digits you got 2!
What has 2 legs? A duck!
Guess who didn´t duck fast enough? That´s right. John F. Kennedy!
And Lee H. Oswald died when he was 24.
If you turn 24, you get 42.
42 is THE answer, and also the age at which ELVIS died.
Therefore I am absolutely sure, that 2012 Elvis will come back and assasinate an important person.
I have scientifically proofen it!


Ahhaahaahaa! That was really quite good! I hope that you don’t mind, yet I quoted you in a message to a doctor and psychologist friend of mine, I am certain that she will appreciate your logical approach! :slight_smile:

The 2012 thing is based off of the Mayan calendar. Were still here are we? And besides! If the world was going to end 2012 (which I highly doubt personally) what could we do about it.

Oh well i just wanted to throw that out.

Yeah. People get worked up thinking their computers are going to die when they really aren’t.

I suspect that day will come in the 3000’s:D.

Yeah, a lot of people are confused about this. In fact, the Mayans were only saying that 2012 would be an end of a “great cycle” and the start of a new one. They didn’t say anywhere that it would be the end of the world. They were also great at astronomy!

Plus, they have to stop making a calender at some point,
" Dude, my freaking hand hurts from carving this all day!"
" How far did you get?"
" To 2012."
“Hey, think about it man, how long will it be before we have to worry about that.”
" You’re right, I’ll work on this some more tomorrow…"

Next thing you know their entire race was gone from the planet.

The mystery is solved!

I remember towards the end of 1999 going to a barber shop and while waiting an old man was preaching to the barber about all the horror 2000 will bring. I spoke saying when 2000 comes around it will be an ordinary day and only thing that might happen is some computers will show the wrong date. Well he talked down to me as if I was some idiot kid. Well 2000 came around and it was exactly as I said, that felt good.

Now I believe Dec. 2012 will pass like another day but I’m worried. Unlike 2000 this one has some real religious cults and nut jobs starving for a world disaster. Talk of our gods returning and you must be prepared to enter into a higher consciousness, all kinds of suedo science thst really means nothing. Sounds like a lot of suicide cults forming to me.

I just hope people trust thier religions and avoid these cults. If you don’t have one then don’t fall for the 2012 suedo science.

LOL. I really hope you don’t mind that I put this on facebook, I just thought it was really funny.

I agree. Their are so many crazy people out there who say the world is going to end 2012.
It will pass like any other day. What concerns me about it is how many people are going to come to your door dressed in nothing but their underwear and a sign over them saying “THE WORLD IS ENDING” telling you to join their cause.

I’m not happy though that many christians in my same denomination (though thankfully none i know personally as a friend) agree that Christ will come in 2012. How do they know that? The bible says we won’t know when he’ll come. He could come in 2030 or after I die or so. At the same time people think that after he comes the world will end. It’s ridiculous that even we have people who believe the 2012 conspiracy. They need to read their bible more :smiley: (and I do too as I now think about it).

I bet you all £10,000,000 the world will not end…

                                  ... but if I die I reserve the right to end the bet ;)

The 2012 Mayan calender reference wouldn’t even work if they managed to convert number systems properly (Mayan system was base 20, as oppossed to 10. Archiologists =/= Mathematicians). The Mayan calender specifically references to an event where the 6th Sun (A specific “age” that we are currently in. Of course, 5 suns prior to our current one) finsihes. Thus, creating complete blackness, which is then filled with the life that the seventh sun brings. All good and dandy.

No ending earth, just the sun dissapearing and refreshingly bringing along some slightly more optimistic views of the world.

PS: I don’t believe any of it. I think I should reference to Arexma for a complete carbon copy of my thoughts.