The 2004 Blender F1 Challenge has begun!

Hi all!
The Blender F1 Challenge is now officially open for entries!
Details can be found at the official Blender F1 Challenge web site:

As always, I am ready for your questions, comments and especially your F1 machines of the future!



I’m in!

Is post-processing in Blender’s sequencer allowed?

Oh yes, I’m so in! :smiley:
Prepare to be somewhat beaten!

W00t I Am in ( i already was :slight_smile: )

Awesome =) finally it’s open!

One thing, hmm I dunno but I always found that 725 pixel wide was a bit small…I would at least allow 800…bah anyway you decide :slight_smile:

PS: I’m quite disapointed to see you won’t make the poster this year again :frowning: Bah anyway! it will still be an awesome contest :smiley:

Usagi: What did you have in mind as far as using the sequencer?

X-Warrior: 800 pixels is possible. What the heck, I will change it!

I will also consider posters again this year. Oh, what the heck, I will change that too! :slight_smile:

all your horsepower are belong to me :smiley:
I’m in, even if last year I did horrible :stuck_out_tongue:

More than 16 samples for motion blurring.

looks funny. what im suposed to do to participate???


It is now officiall ON!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Read the contest rules and history. To participate, make a car and submit an entry. That simple.

I’m in, hopefully I’ll finish something somewhat good-looking before the contest closes.

That easy? damn that’s cool! haha

hmm…I’m also disapointed by the fact that the rule saying : X-Warrior won seems to be not there…could you change that too? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s about bloody time!!! I was thinking the 7th was never going to come!! LoL

Since this will be my first ever submission to a contest, I’m sure I’m going to fail miserably!! !w00t!

Dang, maybe I should join in just for old times sake… I was in the first one 2001, so why not? Just have to see if I can temporarily get my brain back in Blender mode for a while… May 7 is still pretty far away. :smiley:

We’re all doomed :o

haha that will be such a huge contest for blender…last year was suppose to be hard…oh gosh, this year will be F***ing hard! haha

All images must be created and RENDERED in any officially released Blender version that is available for download.

Does this mean you can render in yafray too (since yafray is integrated in blender)?

This is going to be great I’m definatly going to make an F1 car for this contest :smiley:

Thanks CurtisS for the great news. Count me in!

Good luck to all the competitors…


Hmmm… the last time I checked, when you click the Render button, Blender renders in the built-in renderer. To me, integrated means that when you click the render button the program renders the image you want. As soon as you can click the render button and Yafray is used for the render AND it is an official release of Blender it will be allowed. The last offical release of Blender is 2.32.
My reasons for this rule are numerous but the main one is to keep the contest even for people new to Blender and the veterens.

JamesK: we would love to see another multi-jet monster again. I loved your last one!