The 2008 Blender Conference Suzanne awards, and Animation Festival.

Hello Everyone. The nominations are known and have been published on

Go see the official page if you want to know whether your animation made it in:

If your animation didn’t make it, we’ll see if there’s time to just show it, but we don’t have that much. I have to congratulate the community on a record number of submissions, and good ones at that!

See you next friday!

Below here, the original announcement with more detailed information.

This year’s award categories.

  1. Best short film
  2. Best character animation
  3. Best designed short film
    The prizes.
The three winners will receive a cool 3d printed Suzanne statue, the DVDs from Peach, Apricot and both training dvds, and EUR 250 cash!
The nominations will each get a free pick of a DVD in our e-shop.
Dates, deadlines, and flow of events.
Wednesday October 1st: The deadline for submissions.
[INDENT]Once the deadline has past the committee will view all submissions, and pick 5 works to nominate for each category.
[/INDENT]Friday October 24th, The 2008 Blender Conference Animation Festival.
[INDENT]Shown will be:
a) The 15 nominated works (5 for each category).
b) A selection of the best non-nominated submitted works,
The visitors to the conference will have the opportunity to vote.
[/INDENT]Saturday October 25th, The 2008 Blender Conference Suzanne Awards Ceremony.
[INDENT]Winners will be announced. If the winner is present he/she will receive the award during the ceremony. Otherwise the award will be sent to them afterwards.
[/INDENT]The committee.
The winners from last year’s competition will be asked to form the committee (confirmation of names will follow shortly). Last year’s winners are welcome to submit their work, but are not eligible for nomination. The committee chairperson is Dolf J. Veenvliet (macouno).
Details about the categories.

  1. Best short film
    [INDENT]This covers the nominated work the audience likes best, because it is just the best experience to watch… whether it is for story telling, the jokes, the design or the cute characters.
    [/INDENT]2. Best character animation.
    [INDENT]Covers only character animation. The submitted video does not have to be a finished product. Only the animation of the character(s) is looked at. It can be fully rendered, but may for instance also be a video capture from the game engine.
    [/INDENT]3. Best designed short film.
    [INDENT]Covers only the visual aspects of the submitted video. Simply put, the prettiest short film.
    [/INDENT]About submitting a piece.
    The deadline for submissions has past. If you have a nice video that you would like us to show at the conference feel free to submit it through the form. But at this point no promises… we have a pretty full schedule.

For those of you who submitted a piece. You should have received an e-mail message confirming your submission. If you haven’t. Then let me know as soon as possible!

Hey folks, that was the official bit, now for the unofficial stuff :wink:

I’m very excited to be involved again this year. Though… no big bonanza with animated robots from me this time around… No time, and we want to focus on presenting the submitted works. We’ll make something fun though!

You can tell that we’re now using the submission form at That didn’t exist yet last year. Also remember… people that have already submitted work through there don’t have to do so again. I have a bunch of videos to download, and for the committee consider already!

Last year was great fun! Lets hope this year is at least as nice, and we’re back at the Waag!

One question.

It may be an animation that is present for example in 11secondclub?


Only all blender made??
i nearly finish a short but i use blender only for animation , simulation and rendering ??
so i use also phostoshop, after fx, flash and silo for modeling
so can i participate to???

Hi Macuno , If you need help, like last year, for animating something… call me :slight_smile:


Fabian: I’m not entirely sure about the legalities of showing work that includes media that may have copyright issues. I’d say read what it says about that on the 11secondclub page. We can always show it, but whether we can have it nominated for an award, I’m not sure (actually, it’s probably fine).

yoyo: That’s ok… you can participate, Blender just needs to have played a major role in the production process, and it needs to be clear to us that it did.

Pierre74, I’m still not entirely sure what we’ll do, probably something really simple, I already have someone who may do a little music, no character animation this time around. I’ll let you know if there’s something I need help with.

Hey Macouno, I did an animation a while back I’ve been meaning to submit, but it uses an audio clip from a MADD commercial. Is that cool?

Here’s a low-res version (my very old demo reel):

What’s the minimum length for the animation?

Hi everybody !

One question ! Is it possible to submit commercial work?

Thanks !

I’m thinking of re-rendering my short in fullHD for this. But in case I don’t have time to re-render the whole thing and re-edit it.

How do you intend to handle 4:3 video ?

kattkieru: Well… could the owners sue us for distributing work containing the audio? I think it could be trouble… check on that yourself, I can check if you can’t figure it out.

Red Moose: There is no official minimum, but if it’s very short don’t expect many votes. Have a look at the previous submissions on the site (easily found through the gallery section). Between 1 and 5 minutes is nice, but we can improvise, of course exceptions will always be made for excellent work :wink:

Thrischan: Only if you have the right permissions. We don’t want the company that you made a commercial for complaining. That’s really something you have to take care of yourself. Usually just asking the people you made something for will be ok.

Ecks: hey dude… well I’ll “letterbox” 4:3 work… so in the final edit you will have a black bar on the sides. I won’t crop submitted materials or fiddle with aspect ratios… so if it’s not the exact size, it’ll just be resized to fit.

By the way, I just added the address of the Blender Foundation to the post in case anyone wants to send in a DVD or CD rom. If you do I’ll go and retrieve everything from Ton, it’s quite near and he has a fancy itallian coffee machine!

Oh and I forgot to add info about the prizes!

Can you show a screenshot of blender configuration for rendering a valid video.

“Videos can be of any format/length, though they will be rerendered to a single hd/widescreen format (25fps, 1920 x 1080px progressive, square pixel, xvid encoded video, 44.1hz 16bit stereo audio)”

I’m finishing this video.

I’s ok?

Not sure how it’ll help but:

Personally I’m not a big fan of ffmpeg… it tends to raise issues when rerendering it later on, not many video editors can read the format, so avi codec is nicer.

Do we HAVE to be at the conference if we want to submit a vid? Or can we submit a vid and stay at home? Cuz the chances of me getting to the netherlands is 0/1,000,000,000. :frowning:

It will be interesting… i hope to could participate…

good luck to anyone who sends his entry.

Blenderman345: No you don’t have to be at the conference to submit a video. You only have to be at the conference to vote! And for heaps of fun and some beer of course!

I’m 10. :stuck_out_tongue:

Other than this crazy beer people keep commenting what else happens at the conference?

lotsa fun, workshops, talks, presentations, more fun, beer, meet all the blenderheads around the world, and more fun.

this is the first Blender Conference i will be part of! :smiley: yay!

I’ll send a better encoded version of Orion Tear to the Blender foundation adress thomorow or monday then… Orion Tear has 10 minutes but I’ll choose a 5 minutes interval and send it in a letter with the DVD :wink:
I’ve some questions:
1- May I send sound and video separeted? I’m trying to put it all together, but besaids blender I don’t have any other video editor…
2- It’s better to write in the envelop someting like: " For Blender conference 2008 - susane awards" Right?