The 3d Cursor shouldn't be taking up a mouse button

(dpdp) #1

I’ve been using blender for quite a while now. And while I understand the use of the cursor and how it can simplify a great deal of tasks, I really don’t need to use it often enough to justify it taking up a mouse button. I want to reassign it to an alt+click shortcut and make the regular click do something that I need on a regular basis, like pop up a pie menu or border select.

I need the python function to be able to do this. The info window doesn’t give feedback on placing the cursor. Any ideas what the python code would be for placing the cursor?

(juancarlosgzrz) #2

Be careful with that title, they are gonna eat you alive.

(Pitiwazou) #3

Too late, he is dead ^^

You can change the keymap :wink:

(pachupp) #4

is there a way to make cursor snap do vertex/line/face or to grid. That would make this a lot more useful. Rigth now i have to agree its a waste.

(dpdp) #5

Hi Pachupp. Here’s a snap utility for the cursor:

It looks like this “issue” is being addressed by the latest 2.8 builds. Here the left click can be assigned to one of several things on the fly including cursor, scale, extrude, inset, etc. However as it is now, it is taking up a mouse button considering how little I’m using it. I can’t reliably reassign this button in the keymap. There seems to be a hard override.