the 50's WC Record player

Here is my post for the WC. What do you think.

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That is nice, nice, nice. I like the detail on the cord and the record!! Sawweet!!

I like it very much. When I saw it, I had flash backs to my days as a child playing records. Man, that was a long time ago and far far away.

Good work.

Wriker :smiley:

Thanks for the Comments. I got the details from my Dad. I’m 29 so I never had one of those. I had a more modern version when I was a kid. :slight_smile:

Memories, in the corner or my mind… :smiley:

Very cool. And yes I speak from experience. The only question I have about it are the bass and treble knobs. I can’t speak for all the record players out there but I recall only have one knob labeled Tone. Beyond that it is really an excellent piece.

Misty water colored memories… :-?

Yes that is probably correct. By the time i got to that part my Dad had already went home. I just guessed. :-? %|