The Abandoned Train

Hey guys,

Here is a big project of mine which is finally finished.
I think it came out very nicely and I want to share it! :smiley:

Didn’t take too long to render at 450 samples (no denoise used)

Hope you enjoy

Here is another angle :slight_smile:

Hey nice job. I really like it, the only thing bothering me is the graffitti. Its to small.
IRL when painting like that the artist tries to fill as much space as he can. Where if it just was a “tag”, you know a Word with single line letter , then it could be small.

i would just make the graffitti bigger, specially on the front of the train.

Otherwise good job!

I thought the graffiti was a little off too, like too clean and small, it doesnt appear to have the flaky texture of the paint and theres no obvious scuffing or brushing/sanding the areas to prep it for smooth painting. But I like it. I felt theres should be more seams, like a door in the middle of the end of the carriage.