Continuing my theme of going form Blender Tests to mini projects. This was a little scene inspired by a certain TV advert. It was also a flame test, and a bit of practice at making faces. Teeny bit of brushwork and the text added in photoshop.

I like em, and nice glow on em :slight_smile:

Good expressions too!

Be cool to have em in a scene though, doing various things or something :slight_smile:

great, just great
wonderful work
i love it
simple and nice looking

The title along with the line of characters reminds me of a police line-up;).

Overall good, but I think that the background should be all black, unlike the top where it is blue. And letter ‘c’ going left to right looks more angry than the progressive sad trend that is going on.

Personally my favorite is ‘f’, it seems to have the most personality for some reason ;).

A is on the right, G on the left. Incase people dont know. :wink:

A is the best grade flame, which is represented as being the most green.

If you knew the advert you’d understand.

They look pretty good! :wink: Even without having seen the spot.

A nice clean image… good use of colour. Despite the 2-d look it has a lot of depth.