The ability to jump and fall

Well I have been trying to make a simple game where you move around and stuff and, well, just experimenting really. But i have a problem:
If you make the character move, then it gets really slidy and a lot of spinning. to fix this I used movement and rotation dampening, but now when the character jumps, he jumps really slowly and falls really slowly. Is it possible to fix this? Or shall I just make a space game…LOL?

yust try to set the world´s graviti higher. You go to the material buttons and then on the world button. There´s a field called graviti…set it up a little higher, but then you should reduce the damping of your character. An set up the force of jumping a little bit higher.

What you can also do is apply a global downward force to the character, with this method you can make the gravity as high as you want.

well the first plan didnt work, so i’ll try idea no. 2. but could u explain how im meant to do that?