The Adventures of Captain Stanley Scuggs thread

This will be the thread for all blender work for my comic book from this point on. If you are not familiar with this check out my other threads or my web page from the links in my signature.
The web page is a WIP but you can get the background of the story on the about page, if you are one of the few people who have been to the web page you may want to check out the about page again
because it has been updated.
So I’m starting with the ETU Nathan Hale, this will be the hero ship instead of the George Washington. I started this over a year ago before I started on the first version of the George Washington but
I thought it wasn’t interesting enough however it is more realistic. This is just the basic hull as it was when I stopped working on it, all I’ve done is bring it into 2.59 and redone the girder section
using a mirror and array modifier. I should have an update later today.
All comments and criticism are welcome.

I added some armor plating, actually it’s more like an advanced form of kevlar, lite weight but resistant to high velocity projectiles like slugs from a rail run.
Everything else was appended from the George Washington. I’m not sure about the scale of the rail guns they are about 60 feet long so I may scale them down some.

Small update. I added fuel tanks and put some detail on the hanger bay doors. I’m not sure I will keep the bay doors this way, I think it would look better if they open on a hinge instead of sliding open , I would then be able to use that space for equipment like sensors and maybe missile launch tubes.
I hope to have another update tonight.

Haven’t had much time to work on this today but I changed the bay doors
so they swing open instead of sliding and scaled down the rail guns. I think scaling down the guns gives a better idea of the scale of the ship.
I’m going to make some antennas and sensor arrays next and maybe the
heat exchangers.

Hoping for some c&c.

Looking good!

I add some antennas and the heat exchangers. The heat exchangers fold against the side of the ship during combat so they are protected by the shields.
I’m still trying to come up with an idea for the sensor arrays, I want them to look believable.

I did some work on the sensor array, not sure if it’s done yet, may add some more gadgets to it.
I put a high res render of the full view of the ship on my web page, here is the link.
Still hoping for some c&c.

I went to your website to look at your comic stuff, but it didn’t work (the info section did, but not much else)

This is a neat vehicle, but I have no idea what the scale is. It looks like it would be about the size of a school bus (at most) based on the level of detail, but that doesn’t make so much sense for a space adventure, if the characters live in the ship…

otherwisethough, I like it. Some more metallic materials, and awesome!

Thanks for the comment daren.
The web site is still a WIP, until I’m close to releasing the first issue of the comic I’ll be focusing more on the modeling work, I do need to put coming soon or under construction or something like that on those blank pages.
As for the scale I’ve been trying to think of something realistic to better indicate the scale of the ship. The most obvious and common way is to place windows but that would not be realistic especially for a war ship. If anyone has any ideas I would like to hear them. The dimensions are 1386’ long x 180’ wide x 210’ high, actually from the crews perspective the length would be the height.
Here is a render with an utility craft and a human next to the ship from the front view.

I scaled down the shield emitters in an attempt to give a better indication of the size of the ship. Since I know how big the ship is it’s difficult to be objective so I would really like some feed back on the apparent size of the ship.
I’m out of ideas for the exterior of the ship for now so I will start on the bridge next.

Started work on the bridge, it’s more like a concept for now, I have an idea for another style so I will work on that tonight or tomorrow morning.

As usual all c&c is welcome.

Here is the other concept for the bridge. I believe this version fits better with the style of the ship but I would like to know what others think.

Here is a modified version of the second concept. If I don’t get any feed back to convince me otherwise I will use this version.
The center of the console will have a holographic display and each station will have unique controls and textures.
If anyone is wondering the grab bars are there because the ship will only have gravity when it’s accelerating and decelerating so the crew would need them to move around.

I’ve been doing some rewriting for issues 1 & 2 so I have not done any model work for a while but I decided to get back to it today.
Since no one offered any input on the concepts I presented I am going with the last one. I remade the console and added control panels for each station. I have not decided if I want a holographic display for each station or an actual display screen.
Still need to work on the seats, I can’t decide on a style for them.
The walls need some detail but I don’t want to get to fancy with them.
I may do a cycles render of this tonight or tomorrow morning.

I worked on the walls a little but I’ve spent most of the last two days working on the lighting. I still need to add more details to the room and texture the terminals. I also still need to come up with a better design for the chairs.

Would really like some C&C

I add the corridor leading to the bridge.
I really want to try this in cycles, I can never get chrome to look right with BI.