The Adventures of Dr. Mephistex (webcomic)

Well, ok, technically this isn’t a finished finished project - it’s going to be ongoing for quite a while, hopefully, but I’ve now got the comic strips and the webpage to a standard where I’m happy to actually show them to people and I’ve just bought the doctor his very own domain. There are six comics up so far, with a new one arriving every sunday. To have a look click here:

Or if you’re more of a banner-clicking kind of guy, here:

Please let me know what you think and if you like it - tell your friends! Even the ones you aren’t really speaking to because of the things they said about your new jeans.

I got a couple of laughs, definedly bookmarked. :slight_smile: Keep 'em coming. I’m going to give this four stars. Only four because I see room for evolving here. It’s definedly good stuff. :slight_smile:

Thanks Wereaser, I’m glad you like it. Don’t worry, I’m going to work hard at making it evolve it’s arse off.

Since it’s sunday, there’s a new comic up now, which coincidentally deals with evolution. Well, sort of, anyway. Ish.

really good i like it a lot

Thanks mindwarp. I see to be mostly impressing people with hazard signs as avatars.

Hah, that’s fantastic. I read the little disclaimer at the bottom of your site and thought “I bet he’s english”. And lo and behold, he am.

Ps. You’ve impressed me and I ain’t got no hazard sign. So your theory has been thwarted. Har!

Great work! I see great potential in these characters!

bookmarks site

Keep up the good work!

I had some good laugh qith it. Keep them coming, good job.

Thanks for the comments guys. I suppose my theory has been proved wrong, but oh well. I guess it’s good to diversify outside the hazard-signs-for-avatars demographic.

I really like it, my only complaint is that the layout of the panels needs work. Right now the speech bubbles over power virtually every image.

Take a look at Comic Strip Artist’s Kit over at Mark Kennedy’s blog. One of the pages deals with how to do comics layouts that avoid the speech bubble problem. Scott McCloud’s new book “Making Comics” also discusses this.

Really nice web comic though, I will definately be keeping an eye on it to see how it develops!

Really like what you’ve got going on the site- has potential to beat Garfield (Garfield just isn’t funny anymore… :(). Bookmarked.

That’s very good. If you can keep up the writing I’ll be impressed.

Getting the digs in at the dragons, always good. However the illusion was shattered because they didn’t mutter amongst themselves about buying 60% of your company in exchange for two maryland cookies.

Thanks for the comments, guys.

Buck-Beaver: Thanks for pointing that out, and the link was helpful as well. I don’t think I can really apply the solution given there - to draw the speech bubbles first - as I obviously need to render the panel frames separately, but you’ve certainly started me thinking more about how I place them.

Alden: Yeah, I used to really like Garfield as a kid, but now when I look at it it just isn’t all that good anymore.

Kid-tripod: I’d be pretty chuffed with two maryland cookies. As it is, I can only dream of that sort of dough.

Boom boom!

Oh, yes, and for your edutainment, a new comic has prevailed:

And will do so again next sunday. And the one after that. And so on. Don’t worry, I’m not going to ruthlessly pimp every single episode.

Get out. Just, get out. There’s the door. Now leave.