The Adventures of Tom Bombadil (Recruiting)

Hi I’m working on a project solo, but I have found that some areas of game making I simply suck at. I suspect this is because I’m right brained and not left brained. I need a left brainer to help me out with “logical” stuff. Basically rigging and logic/python.

So far this has been made:

-22 handpainted textures
-6 seamless textures for landscape painting
-3 different kind of trees
-Small stone wall
-Tall grass
-Texture painted landscape
-Handpainted skybox (Or actually I used one of the tree models and edited them in photoshop)
-Tom Bombadil

Nothing has been taken from the internet!

Props still to add to the level:

-Maybe more…


Keep in mind that every screenshot here is wip, many more props to add. Also this isn’t final lightning either and there are no baked shadows etc…

And here is Tom Bombadil…:eyebrowlift:

Anyone who has read The lord of the rings should know what this game is about and what possible story there could be. Anyway I need someone who could take care of “logic bricks” and rigging. Some help with content creation wouldn’t hurt either. But keep in mind if you want to help with content creation your textures needs to be hand painted.

Emm… i dont know what to say… With those screenshots I am really tented On help But i have to put my own project ubdated…
But wow Nice Texture ( hand pating +1 ) And nice land scape and scean…It look very real, It is hard to acomplish so that your game look real…
I liked a lot the main character :stuck_out_tongue:

Well Im really looking foward To this game…

So Thumbs Up!

Yeah, it looks really good. Nice graphics.

Your Tom bombadil looks a bit different to the others.

Here is Tom form LotRO

And here is a painting of him

But apart from that it looks awesome! :smiley:

Nice leprechaun model. You might wanna tweak the hands, it looks bloated like it had been bitten by a huge cockroach.

Ahh, ok, I haven’t seen that picture before, sorry :S

Nice work especially with the Tom Bombadil model. Maybe the hat should not be so tall though.