The Aftermath - My First Cycles Project

Took a very long time, but I finally Finished it. What do you think?

2000 Passes
Render time: 48 Hours 44 Minutes

Full Quality found here —>

Nice, except I still suggest you go down the zombie route.

Hahah thanks, but no thanks. I’d rather not spend the time to even attempt to model a fleshy, ripped up human. I could totally see it working if I had the skill though :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I can’t see anything at all. You spent 2 days’ computing time and got … this? :eek:

Temporarily raise your monitor brightness, and it will be clear as day.

Well I can see the details very well, I think that 2 days of render is a lot of time since there is not manny details, but it looks very good, congratulations!

Yeah, like Animaniac said, just increase your brightness of your monitor. It looks fine on mine when my brightness is at normal levels and I can still see it when it’s all the way down, but I have seen it on other people’s computers and it is really dark on some of them. Idk why but I’ll be sure to make my next image a lot brighter.