The Age of Fallen Samurai

Hello Blenderartists!

My brother and I are currently developing a game using Blender for modeling and animating characters to export to our game engine. That being said we are programming in XNA and will be releasing the game within the XNA Marketplace.

We are looking for experienced modelers and animators to add to the team! The team will have extremely low numbers to maximize income after release. Those who are with the team after release will move onto our next project which is an MMO - that is the only information I will release.

About us:

I have been working with 3D modeling software on and off for about 6 years including 3Ds Max, Maya and DAZ 3D. I’ve graduated business college and have been trained in project management and several other fields related to management. I am not the best at rigging and have little experience with animating. I was the project manager and lead developer for another project using exclusive Blender technology called “Geometry Planet”. My computer was stolen and I lost all the information on the game awhile ago so had no real choice but to scrap it.

My brother has been programming on and off for 10 years. He know C, C+, C# and is learning XNA as we go along. He also has much more experience using programs such as Photoshop than I do.

What we are looking for:

Were looking to fill the gaps in our experience with an experienced character animator and rigging artist. You do not need any BGE experience, animating experience is a must.

The other position we are looking to fill is meant to take more stress off of my shoulders just as the animator will. You should be experienced at modeling environments and texturing them. Particle experience is a must.

About the game:

The Age of Fallen Samurai is a 2 player side-scroller utilizing Blenders modeling and animating features to promote the Blender community over a larger fan base. You choose between two great “Fallen Samurai” who are brought back to life; tasked to wipe the scourge of demons, zombies, vampires, and werewolves threatening all life.

More information will be given after applicants pass through the application process and sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Thank you to any applicants interested; I will only be replying to potential applicants who submit a sufficient portfolio for my review.



For game play reference the link provided is an example of the fast paced hack and slash. MANY things are much different from this game, which will be described after the application process.