The AIE website

This is cool, my school has put one of my animations on there website… yay! Check it out my name is Ben Millwood and I’m in first year doing 3d animation.

The ones with the tutors names underneath are the class projects(our yeargroup is still working on ours) the ones with just names are students work. Anyway. I thought it was pretty cool to have my work displayed.

server is down or the link is broken.

Well here is the link to the base sight, just go through gallery, amd goto cert IV. It still works for me and my friends, so I’m really not sure what the problem is, Oh well.

and here is a direct link to the file…

Doesn’t work for me either.

I really like it!

Which tool did you used? Maya?? 3Dmax??


all 3 links work for me with mozilla…good animation of the beetle’s walk cycle

cheers… I’m learning max at school, but I almost always manage to sneak in a little bit of blender for modelling. Although that one was prodominently max. I would really like to learn maya next year, but it costs to much, so I guess I’ll do advanced max. Probably aim to get into games when I’m done. I’ve got the final round for a scholarship next year, there are 2 places from 16(orrigionally 160 people went for it in the first round). Yeah, thats on wednesday… so I’m really stressing. As soon as I find a decent host I’ll put up my demo reel for that. Its about 4 meg, so it would blow my sites bandwidth if 12 people or so download it. My Demo reel is about 25% blender 75% max.