The Aldi Tablet (Medion tablet...)

OK< I have had my Aldi tablet for a couple of years now, but I have never actually used it for sculpting. Today I decided to do some sculpting (I don’t do it very often, so i am terrible but working on it) and I thought to myself “You know what, I will get out my tablet, that should be really good to sculpt with, I heard they work really well!” at which point I picked up my tablet, opened blender, and was uniquely surprised when my tablet doesn’t have any buttons on it that are assigned to middle mouse button.

I checked the macro software that comes with the tablet, but you can only define the outside button functions, not the actual pen functions!

I know I could fix this issue by having a seperate version/file I have to open every time that uses right mouse button as camera movement, but there should be another way…

I know some member on here use(d) Aldi tablets, as I have seen discussion about it. Just not sure what to do about this little issue.