the alien(updated 12/3)

well, i finally got brave and decided to try my hands at character modeling…

im pretty new at this but o well.

Looks like its shaping up to be a pretty cool character. I especially like the head shape.

Remember that ants have 3 segments: head, thorax, abdomen. Right now with 2 segments he looks a little like an alien. Also, you could add another pair of legs. However, since he is obviously not a realistic character, I think you could get away without having 6 legs.

ha, yeah…its amazing that you said it looked like an alien…because i’ve gone and turned it into an alien.

so here’s the image

as you can see its pretty much finished…but i would still like to add some details…i dunno any ideas ?

NOTE: the metallic shader was just for kicks…it prolly won’t stay…just me goofin around

u right, now it looks like a alien ant :smiley: one thing I can say, is that ant has shield as body, your model is kinda more like human skinned, and try to use bump also :smiley: but anyway KUTGW dude

it lacks a pair of legs :slight_smile:

please notice the change of topic.

it is now an alien.

any C&C ?

toes might be nice. or fuzz on the antennae. An alien apendage in the mouth would be nice too. The fact that the antennae are much thicker than the character’s legs is a bit disconcerning.

ya, im kinda goin for the cartoonish look(so wierd proportions are always a given)

i actually got the idea from invader zim

here’s a picure of the invader himself

quick update !

i made him transparent and added some insides.

hope ya like

okay Looks really cool now :smiley: will look cool in anim where the inside of the alien bump around, like somthing inside a chelly stuff :smiley:

thats awsome, man! i relly like the idea of the visible insides. Really creative, hope to see more soon :stuck_out_tongue:

hey, thanks for the compliments. i would like to animate this just like that ! i was actually thinking about the whole insides bouncing around thing ;]

looking very nice. Wonderfull mesh, it looks squeaky clean. I like the idea of bouncing inards!

thank you !