The Alienoo's Walk

Hi guys… well i am a complete beginner and iam experimenting alot… this is a first full body model i made… though some details are missing but wil add them… i also rigged and animated it… i would like some critiques to give serious feed back on my work so that i can be inspired to continue working with blender as it ROCKS!!!

Here is the link to the clip!!

Yout tube--


Please do leave ur rivews… and also a bit advice on how can i slow the character walk!!!

Im no expert but i think if u want to slow it down open the NLA Editor select all key points (hit ‘a’) then scale the keys down along the ‘frames’ timeline. U can individually move the keys as well.
I think the arms should be swinging though when his walking.

Great start.

I suggest you add a bit of a twist to the spine to compliment the walk. Check out the walk-cycle instructions in the BSOD Intro to Character Animation tutorial (

It’s a great, easy-to-follow explanation of a fairly simple yet realistic animated walk.