The all-mighty Type 2

Well, after being completely fed up with the rendering of my hangar (last try took >20 hours for 15%, then I needed my pc back…), I thought I’d try something I haven’t done in years: modeling a car.

Not just a car, this will be a model of what I think is one of the most beautiful pieces of machinery ever. The Volkswagen Type 2 van.

However, I need some advice: back then I modeled everything in polygons on account of the endproduct being used in my GTA:VC mod, but I keep reading about the advantages of avoiding triangles; is it bad to have some triangles in a model (say, 5%) or should they be avoided at all costs (read: by having much more vertices than needed)?

Triangles are only truly “bad” if you plan on using subsurface. It is much more important to focus on edgeflow and poly-count(if its for a game). Generally the model looks cleaner without or with very few triangles but it is not a necessity.

I think triangles are only bad if the mesh is deforming… like say a character… triangles just mess things up and dont look too pretty when deforming… but I have also noticed that some triangles mess your shading up… not too experienced on this, so maybe test some stuff out

Hmm, thanks for the insights. I find myself having trouble with the V-shaped hood, especially at the ‘pointy end’ of the V where lots of edges seem to end…

The problem is I’d like to use a subsurf modifier to get a smoother result, combined with smooth shading… So when combining both your remarks I should avoid them as much as possible.

Well, working from the side to the front I seem to have dealt with the problem of the V-shape.

It’s getting along nicely, but I’m not too satisfied with it so far… first of all, I have to get the curving right through the top view. Oh well, a first fast render:


More bending and curving: it’s starting to look like something : )


Another update, now with the grill in the side.
Attached the wires as well because I could some feedback on my edgeloops (first timer there ;-] ) and such. No renders of the back yet, since there are no details to show yet.

Can anyone tell me what the ‘usual’ way to make a door is? With subsurf on I can’t fit it in there properly but a closed shape seems so… dull.


Looking great so far!

Keep up the work…


Small update, I decided to use separate meshes for the light fittings and logo, probably for other parts (windows, doors etc.) as well.


Well, after having decided to restart the body mesh in order to get a more beautiful wireframe, abandoning the idea because everything bacame too chunky and ugly and continuing with my original model, here’s another update:

  • added front windows
  • started on the doors

Edit: some more doorwork